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Make it so- soooo funny:) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Make it so- soooo funny:)
The formula is guaranteed to work: Take a legendary British actor. Drop him into an American half-hour comedy on premium cable. Surround him, in a media-related work setting, with quirky relatives and co-workers. Put him in awkward situations and let the hiliarity ensue.

When that actor is Steve Coogan, the cable network is Showtime, and the resulting quirkiness is Happyish? Not even we made it halfway through the first ordered episodes, and the series got 86'd.

But when the actor is Patrick Stewart, the shows are on Starz (or wherever one can find them;), and the quirkiness is something called Blunt Talk? Four weeks in, and we're still with it.

Our Sir, who we Love, plays a Piers Morgan-esque cable host in an LA-based, CNN-styled newsroom.  Resemblances to Aaron Sorkin's Newsroom are slight but present (particularly the British wymyns doing Emily Mortimer imitations of varying degrees, and at least one subcontinental character boldly going where Dev Patel went before).  Yet the closer parallel to Things We Know is to Portlandia, complete with Ed Begley, Junior picking up a recurring role, and the SNL provenance being there (Seth McFarlane being a former host).

There are also plenty of chances for Star Trek echoes. Brent Spiner shows up in the pilot, I mistook an actress in episode three for Gates McFadden (which, if it had been her, would have made the Picard/Beverly shippers very very happy until a selfie stick showed up), and of course there are the multiple Voyager appearances of, you guessed it, Ed Begley, Junior:)

Sir Patrick has shown his comic side in other venues, but this is the first dedicated and extended chance for him to work those chops.  Other fun connections include Moby, who does the series theme song and appears (with suitable chrome-dome dialog) in the fourth episode; Richard Lewis in a recurring role as Walter's shrink; and an end-credit (and quite suitable to the plot) closing song to the third episode done by the Cornwall band The Pirateers (echoes of GBS, anyone?):

Never mind the Earl Grey. This has the potential to be hot.
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yesididit2 From: yesididit2 Date: September 17th, 2015 02:57 am (UTC) (Link)
cant say anything beyond captains blog... appropriate... make it so!

i know nothing beyond that.
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