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Notes from the Nosebleed Section.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Notes from the Nosebleed Section....
I only had two Fixed Points In Time on my schedule today- 11ish a.m. phone conference and 3 p.m. Rochester court appearance- and the former would up being postponed, so it wasn't one of my more stressful days this week.

Tell that to my schnozz.

A bit before 2, I was driving to the 3:00 gig by way of a trustee's office and an anticipated late lunch on the way downtown.  I felt an itch on my nose. I scratched it, including a pass across the nostril- and came back with a good glop of blood on my finger.  Apparently in honor of His Holiness's visit, I've got a Pope's nose, only with stigmata.

Several tissues and several more curses later, it settled down, but I'm still perplexed by where it came from.  Even weirder, the courts were running a blood drive on the floor of the courthouse that we went to.  Apparently it doesn't count if it's not coming through an IV tube.

At least I got out of it all relatively early, and while Eleanor had a long day, too, she's now home and we're planning dinner on the patio on this final summer day, followed by the Muppets premiere.  Tomorrow brings three straight client appointments in my new office; Thursday, yet another new client meeting after possibly another round-trip back to Rochester.  Friday, so far blessedly, is clear.  Hopefully everything else will be, too:P
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