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You Can't Make This Stuff Up. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
You Can't Make This Stuff Up.
No Doctor Who or Muppet series review- yet.

No comment on presidential race bizarreness- of which there is plenty.

No more pedestrian references to our own, actual lives.

Still nothing about sports- not even about last night's death of the until-then oldest living former Met, Yogi Berra, who is responsible for two of the last five times I've cried in the past seven years.

Rather, I have to devote an entry instead to the real-life police procedural unfolding in our humble little burg, and the way it's being spun, it's more bizarre than anything CSI or SVU or any other acronym could ever come up with.

We have a resident star hockey player accused of rape.  You can read about it in my guest blogpost here from a few weeks ago.  When we last left Our Hometown Hero, the case was scheduled to go before a grand jury to consider whether there was sufficient evidence to indict him.  That got postponed right after Labor Day, on account of talk of  "settlement." Never mind the inherent offensiveness of a system which lets rich (alleged) rapists buy their way out of charges, but it happens. Here, rumors had the payoff in the millions. Rumors also had the family of the victim turning it down and demanding trial.

Instead, they got the centre of a shitstorm.

Three press conferences took place today, each weirder than the one before it.  First, a lawyer for the victim stepped up. His client's mother came home the other day and discovered a rape kit evidence bag (not the kit, just the opened and empty bag which stored it for chain-of-custody purposes) wedged in her front door.  No indication of who left it or why. The attorney confirmed with the local hospital that it matched what they turned over to the police following their medical testing- the client's name and birthdate, as well as the nurse's initials, matched what were on the real thing.

Next, Kane's lawyer ran to a podium.  He confirmed previously leaked reports that none of the Star's DNA had been found on the victim's body below the waist.  He therefore concluded that only the vic would have had motive to steal the evidence bag, since exculpatory evidence doesn't help her and thus she does better casting doubt on it in Ye Olde Courte of Publick Opinionne.

Not to be outdone, the custodians of the evidence chimed in later in the afternoon. They claimed that the entire kit, including the bag, was still IN their custody.

Whichever version contains the most truth (if any), one thing is certain: our criminal justice system appears to be among the Barney Fifiest in the entire world right now.  Making it weirder is one other fact: Erie County's District Attorney, one of the three officials who could have legally possessed the evidence at the time of this incident (the others being the original investigating Police Department, and the county's Central Police Services, a/k/a "the Lab Boys"), has just recently declared his intention to run for an open state judgeship and, until this clusterfuck, was a shoo-in to be nominated by both major parties to be elected without any opposition.  This incident might just have some bearing on whether the Dear Leaders of those parties give him that blessing at the beginning of next week.

Well, Ray, I guess you could say that....

Kane is ABLE to raise reasonable doubt about chain of custody.

Stay tuned for more, same Kane-time, same Kane-channel!
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ellettra From: ellettra Date: September 24th, 2015 11:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
This whole thing makes me unbearably sad.
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