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TW3 - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
That, in my very young years, was an abbreviation for a beloved television show called That Was The Week That Was. It was timely, entertaining and highly intelligent- and responsible for most of Tom Lehrer's third and final published collection of songs in (and about) 1965.  Nothing like that would play on American television anymore (see the Duggars and Honey Boo Boo, passim), but the abbreviation still sticks.

This WAS such a week.

Eleanor just finished her third straight week (beginning ON Labor Day) of doing her boss's job while she recovers from surgery. Just to make it more fun, this period has also included a major in-store charitable campaign, a reset of product on the floor, significant hardware problems with some of their equipment, and the collective community orgasm that is the start of football season two Sundays ago.  It stresses me out, and I'm just going in there to buy stuff. So she's got an evening and two deserved days off.

Me? Just this week, I did intake on five new potential bankruptcy clients. (Four and a half, to be fair, since two friends came in together and I did just one presentation; both, one or neither might ultimately file.) Two others progressed closer to filing. I'm doing cleanup on at least two other cases filed by other attorneys, one of whom left the clients in the lurch by being disbarred.  And for them and others, I had five separate court appearances scheduled between Monday morning and yesterday morning.  I also have that evening and two days off, and then it starts up again- for both of us.

Boss Lady's still not back anytime soon, so Week Four begins for Eleanor on Monday.  I have two court cases that day, two more on Thursday and a fifth on Friday- plus meeting clients, attending a reception for a retiring court official, and actually working on whichever of the five new cases plus four previous ones are in need of being progressed.

By the end of next week, we should know when and where the Mets are playing in the first round of the playoffs. The following week, which will include those games, is looking a little quieter for me. So far.
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