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You didn't read it here.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
You didn't read it here....

Some things I've decided I'm better off just not posting about:

* Albert, our resident outdoor all-white pigeon, going missing and feared turned into Hawk Chow.  Another couple of days went by with no sighting of him. Sure enough, as soon as we fretted, the little shit was back.

* The Patrick Kane rape case.  Just when I think it can't get any weirder, it does. Rather than try to keep up with it, I encourage you to just follow the local blogger who goes by buffalopundit, who's been all over the coverage, and even nationally quoted for it.

* How bad the Bills are, after a loss like the one they suffered two Sundays ago.

* How good the Bills are, after a beatdown they put on an opponent one day ago.

Now, some things I do want to post about- just not now:

* Reviews of two current programmes with roots in British television- the two-part season premiere of the BBC's franchise Doctor Who series, and the first (possibly second) of the latest incarnation of the ITV-spawned series featuring the Muppets.

* Memories from today through Thursday: tonight, I attended a retirement party for an attorney who spent 30 years in government service.  I had plenty with or at least shared by him, but others at the reception had stories about other lawyers even closer to my own, almost, 31 years of practice. Those will hit Anniversary XXXI on Thursday, which is also the day I officially move my office.

* Another occasion hitting on Thursday is one that may affect you, or your retail business if you have one: the US is finally catching up to most of the world in credit/debit card technology, and after October 1st, merchants and banks are expected to be in compliance with the new system. It's a strange dance between them as that date steamrolls toward us, and not one of the six financial institutions we have Visa/MC-branded cards with has yet to put a new card in our hands.

Those are all just coming attractions. Or not coming, depending.

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