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Ends of eras. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Ends of eras.
August was always my traditional moving time, from my first foray from the nest in 1977 until we moved here in 1994.  But work has been more of an October thing.  Thursday will mark 31 years since I walked in the door of my first-ever full-time job, the first in my chosen profession, and the first where I'd moved (in late September) specifically for work.  A year ago, I returned to that office on the 30th anniversary of that occasion, and discovered there wasn't a soul there who I knew from my decade there.  Just last night, a judge mentioned that he'd conducted a conference with a partner from that office; he only vaguely knew the accomplishments of the senior partner who had hired me back then, and although I've had dozens of cases with him and that firm over the years, apparently he told the judge he didn't realize I'd worked there.

So much for making an impression.

Day after tomorrow, I begin making a new one.  It's only a change of address, not practice model or anything else, but it does end more than a decade of having a local presence in a building here with several dozen other lawyers.  They're being kind about the departure, continuing to refer clients and saying nice things.  I, in turn, will be kind in return, particularly to the staff.  With the exception of just a couple of newcomers, one of who replaced the only real Evil One in the place, their support staff has been remarkably stable for the whole time I've been there- and I'll be passing out small tokens of appreciation to them to say thank you for their efforts.  Nobody officially works for me (nor will anyone in the new place, nor in the other place I'll get to in a moment), but they've all done favors from notarizing documents to welcoming clients that came with kindness and smiles.  A few, I'll miss terribly, and I will try to stay in touch with as many as I can.


Down the road, another era is also ending at the same time.

In 2012, I began a part-time official connection with two other lawyers in Rochester, who had just set up their own office in a suburban building. It was across the hall from a setup they'd previously shared for a time with an older lawyer and his staff.  The firms occasionally referred clients back and forth, but things.... well, I think I can only say things were resolved amicably. Part of that was the suite across the hall being vacated by the end of this month, prepatory to our folks buying the whole building and eventually expanding the practice.

It was a seemingly slow transition. They put up a "new address" sign on the inside door of their suite a few weeks ago, but the outdoor sign facing the street didn't come down until this morning.  I heard about the place being mostly and finally vacant- and even though I never worked over on that side, it still seems strange to see it that way. In time, it will begin to create its own memories, and maybe 30 years from now, someone will remember that I was there once.

No gift cards for them, though.  Or soup.
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