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Two more days of me against pro se's: - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Two more days of me against pro se's:
Yesterday: met the same lead-footed friend in my hometown court.  Once again, I used my superpower to jump most of the queue and get him a plea deal.  It took longer, though, because (a) in this town, more people have lawyers (they even have a form you can submit so your client doesn't even have to show up to take the punishment), and (b) this judge takes the bench a good half hour after the scheduled start time.  I feel myself gripping if I keep one client waiting; apparently, there are no such qualms once you reach the rarified air up on the bench.

Also, tickets cost more here.  For everyone. Nobody got as good a deal as my guy got two nights before.

Still. It helped him, and it made me happy.


Also yesterday: our (sort-of) Unified Court System emailed me to tell me that my Small Claims case from the previous day had been "disposed."  It neglected to mention how. I had my suspicions, though; and when my 10:00 client this morning transmogrified into a noon client and then into a not-appearing-at-all client, the curiosity got the better of me and I headed down to find out.

It was a good trip:  the plaintiff lost.  Not only that, but we got judgment on our counterclaim against him for the credit my client had given him for the first item he alleged to have been stolen.

Never mind that it's likely uncollectible. Mind even less that he's almost certain to demand a new trial before a City Court Judge who, he'll hope, will have the ability to mind-read whatever the hell he was thinking when he started this.

It took the sting off the no-show client. As will the upcoming weekend. I'll be in the office Monday- I acquired some extra furniture today for the new office, and I'll be arranging it then, if not sooner- but rather than celebrate a venereal-disease-spreading conqueror, I'll just channel my Canadian friends for the day and give thanks- that occasionally the truth wins out:)
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