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Transitions - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...

The rear seats of my car fold down. This came in handy over the past 24 hours.

Yesterday, I acquired a couple of unexpected pieces of office furniture.  The guy who moved out of the Rochester office across the hall from ours left a bunch of stuff.  I was given pick of the litter and selected a smallish file cabinet and a side chair.  They fit fine in the back of the car, and today they worked their way into my new space. It's a bit cramped- the attorney who left still has a whole matching set of wall units that go with the desk I'm using, but the cabinet fits between one of them and my desk chair, and the side chair will prop the door until we decide whether to keep the copier where it is.

I needed to move that out early, because Eleanor was in cleaning mode this morning.  Two 90s-era desktop computers, complete with monitors, needed to take the Long March out of our cellar. Neither has been turned on this decade, and the older pre-Windows one, last I tried, wouldn't even boot.

Still, there was some nostalgia on those hauls up the stairs and eventually to the recycling dump at the town highway department.  The older one was the first I ever bought for myself- an Emerson by brand (back when IBM clones were all the rage and even air conditioning manufacturers were getting in on the deal), which carried the first ten years of my practice documents in a word processing format called IBM DisplayWrite.  It also had a primitive Mac-mocking graphic interface and was my first-ever computer with a mouse.

Joining it on the pile of recycled death today was one I bought at a recycler place probably around 1995- to hold the switched-to-floppies contents of a firm-provided desktop during my first, mostly ill-fated, year in Buffalo. That one was my first ever with Windows 3.1, was the first I ever connected to my own printer (an advanced dot-matrix job, of a kind that was then so expensive the vendor took out a UCC security agreement on it), and it contained my first and last-ever specialty computer games: a set of Disney learning tools we saw at a friend's house and we pirated onto it. My favorite part of it was whenever it got short on memory (this back when, as Bill Gates may or may not have told us, 640K of RAM would be more than enough for everything), Mickey would giggle and say, "I will now take a short break." He took a lot of them.

It was probably also the first computer I ever used to connect to the Internet. Not long after that, I'd get my first laptop, with Windows 95 and a bitchin-fast 14.4 modem card, leading to the 3.1 desktop's demise to the cellar, where it lasted until today.  I still have the laptop, but for the older, bigger dumber ones, the time had come:

Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company,
I-B-M, Microsoft, off to D-I-E.

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bill_sheehan From: bill_sheehan Date: October 10th, 2015 11:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
IBM DisplayWrite was the first word processing software I ever used. It was actually based on a dedicated word processing maching that I encountered a little later in my career. The really awful thing about it was that each page was a discrete entity - you couldn't see the bottom of one page and the top of another at the same time.

But it was so much better than the IBM Selectric.

(I moved on to other word processing software. The last non-WYSIWYG program was the best: Borland Sprint. Sadly, it came too late, but I used it well into the OS/2 era.)
warriorsavant From: warriorsavant Date: October 11th, 2015 02:23 am (UTC) (Link)
Brings back memories. At the time, we thought those various changes we wondrous upgrades to the latest and greatest. They were, until something later and greater came along.
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