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Sir Not Appearing at this Matinee - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Sir Not Appearing at this Matinee
Spamalot ended its bus-and-truck run at Rochester's GeVa theatre this afternoon.

I was not present or accounted for. But the kids were.

Two of my co-workers, who happen to be married to each other, have a high school senior son, and it was his birthday. What do you get such a kid for the occasion? Damned if I know; we only had the one grrl, and I don't remember that far back for myself.  But they decided that a theatre trip would be fun for him and his friends, and so I learned last month that they were doing it today.

Eleanor, Emily and I, along with my sister, saw the almost original cast on Broadway when it was in previews. It was a wild and woolly trip, including a near-blizzard that kept us from our hotel, a kennel of therapy dogs-in-training celebrating their graduation at the hotel we did wind up at, a walkabout through Central Park when Christos' Gates were there, and finally The Show Itself, which amused and amazed.

But Cameron had never seen it- so I mentioned in passing that Brett and Deb should let me know if any of KJ's friends begged out of the performance and tickets were available for him and Em.

Two were. I told them they were. They were thrilled that they were.  Today was the appointed day; Eleanor and I were mostly home, working on paint jobs and garage cleanouts, but we both checked in with La Chica during the late morning to be sure they were okay and on their way.

They had no obligations concerning the tickets; they'd met the birthday boy exactly once before, and it was as much a favor to his parents as it was a gift to them.  Still, Emily told/asked me the day I told her about the show: she wanted to get KJ a card and gift, and what might he want?  His parents were singularly useless in helping out, since they, likewise, had no expectation that she would get him anything.  But of course she did- and he was touched and visibly appreciated the effort that she made.

That's our kid, dere:)

As for the show itself: the evening report from Palmyra was that they loved it. This review of the GeVa performance captures a good bit of the roles within roles that they saw. For one thing, the role of Patsy, played by Terry Gilliam in the film and by Michael McGrath in the Broadway version we saw, was Rochester's own Jennifer Cody- who happens to be married to the actor portraying Arthur in this production.  Em said the gender-bendering went quite well, and the spousal connection added some laughs to their lines. Plus, Jennifer is an awesome tap-dancer. Adding to the nepotism, but quite well,was the casting of the director's husband as Sir Robin. I'm told he quite ran away with the performance;)

Our own day ended re-watching the two-parter of Doctor Who that ended yesterday, and continuing a Transformers binge-watching because, just because.  But it was good to hear news of live theatre being carried to us by the aerial deliveries of swallows.

African or European? Why, I don't knoWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
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