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No, THIS is the most wonderful time of the year:) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
No, THIS is the most wonderful time of the year:)
I usually don't go on too much about sports around here. But if there's ever a time to do so, it's now.  All three of my teams are playing games that matter, and this long weekend's brought a bunch of them.

From worst to first:

* The Sabres are back, and this afternoon won their first game in three tries. Last year's mostly-dead roster has been almost completely overhauled, and today we got a taste of why we tanked: it got us number 15 in this brutal attack on Columbus:

They still have suspect goaltending, have endured an unusual number of early-season injuries, and are rolling out a group of players that's incredibly young, but today gave us a taste of things to come.


* The Bills are 3-2 through their first five. They looked very good in their first two wins, very bad in their first two losses, and then yesterday largely stunk out the joint on the road before their new quarterback essentially won the game for them on his own. Three of those first five games also came with the opposing team having had the previous Sunday off while the Bills were playing that day. That field will flip at least twice in the coming weeks, so things should more or less even out.


* At heart, though, you know what I really care about. Today featured all eight post-season baseball teams in action, and I've listened to or watched pieces of all of them. First up, KC versus Houston: the underdog Astros, needing one more win to advance, got out to a big lead before I tuned out in the bottom of the seventh. It was quite the shock to see the Royals having pulled ahead and stayed there, setting up a deciding game five in Kansas City on Wednesday....

where it will be joined by a deciding game five in Toronto. Despite the Jays losing the first two at home, was there any doubt they'd come back? I certainly had none today, because their ageless knuckleballer, former Met R.A. Dickey, was given the ball for the first time in post-season play. I listened to TO radio coverage before and during, and lots of callers wanted them to bring back their Game One starter on short rest. No need; R.A. gave up one run while his mates were staking him to an 8-1 lead, which held up, joining their win yesterday to even things 2-2.

Cubs-Cardinals was next, and is still going, but at 8:37, the magic came back to Flushing. There was plenty of bad blood from Saturday night, where a Dodger on the bases lived up to his laundry and dodged his way into the Met shortstop, breaking our guy's leg. It also broke open a 2-1 game and gave LA a lead they probably didn't deserve given the baserunning and officiating snafus. Still, the series came back to New York tonight, and as soon as the Dodgers scored three runs? You KNEW the Mets would score four in dramatic fashion. I will still likely miss the conclusion of events, given them starting 90 minutes closer to our Cinderella time, but there's just one word to describe how it feels:

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