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Surely you can't be Siri-us;) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Surely you can't be Siri-us;)
Today went remarkably well, for a day when I made no court appearances, saw no clients, received nary a piece of mail at the proper place and made not a dime:

I successfully ported my fax number to an online service that will cut my cost for that ancient technology by roughly $70 a month and end the middle-of-the-night annoyance faxes from roofers and "unsecured business lenders" that represent 90 percent of my fax volume. Once the transfer is confirmed, probably by Friday, I can call Verizon and have them final-bill both of my business lines.

Next, my once and occasionally-present officemate talked me through how to use said online service using the copier in our office.  It got a little tricky because neither she nor I could connect directly to the server which relays those scans to her desktop, but I now have a two-to-three-click shortcut to get them from hers to mine. I needed to reveal my email password in order to set up the link, which in turn revealed that I have an account or six which uses Deb Morgan's favorite self-hinting password from DexterThat got some LOLs to continue our days.

That left one landline squirming and wriggling and demanding to be killed, and I accomplished that at the end of the day.  The plan always was for me to move our one remaining "home number" landline over to my existing, obsolete iPhone- and to move that mobile number to a newer one, since the older mobile was almost completely full, slow as molasses and lacked access to some of Apple's newer features.

Newer, not newest.  I had no interest in a 6 or the 6S that just came out; a 5S suited me fine, and they're so 2010 right now, they can be had for a mere 50 bucks plus tax.  By 5:30 this afternoon, the new one was activated and resting in its Mets-hologram case, and the old one was reassigned to a minimal data plan and still able to make calls even awaiting the Verizon assignment of our landline number to it by midnight tomorrow.  (If they meet that target, I can also tell Verizon to take that last landline and shove it at the same time.) I've restored the latest cloud backup to the new one, sync'd my email accounts to it, and am in the process of installing iTunes on a spare laptop so that will be the sync source for the old iPhone- which will mostly sit in a corner and retrieve the messages from doctors' offices and robocallers for 10 bucks a month rather than 80, and occasionally provide wi-fi to our other devices when no other alternatives are available.

All this before feeding time for the animals, dinner together, the most recent Blunt Talk, and word of the Blue Jays' advancement in the playoffs.  In all, a good day, eh?
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