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Victories and Annoyances - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Victories and Annoyances
* Ding dong, the landlines are dead.  Somewhere in the dead of night, our old landline number activated on my old mobile phone. So you can still call that number, but I will likely only be using that phone inside the house and you may as well call my cell number or the business line. Unless you're a robocaller- in which case, dial yourself silly.

* The changeover did cause one glitch in my day today. I usually go on the weekends to the Sunday morning classes of my new workout place, but this weekend, today worked better (no Met game last night;). The class was full when I tried booking it online, but I got on the waitlist. I've gotten in pretty easily in the past by checking my email at Hog Sloppin' Time if there's been an opening. No email by 5, none even after 6.  So I went back to sleep, and after getting going around 8:45, I tried to book a class tomorrow and found I was already signed in. For, like, 10 minutes later. Turns out they tried filling places off the waitlist by text rather than email- and that text went either into the ether (if the landline hadn't ported at that point) or onto my old phone which was muted.  They have the right number now.

* On the bright side, I made it to the class and saw a friend there, plus one of my favorite instructors was featured in this morning's paper:) You're welcome, Christine;)

* From there, I went back to the AT&T place to finish the complete reconstruction of our telephonic empire.  Eleanor's had a dumbphone all along- no interest in using my old one or getting her own.  Until her circa-2010 Nokia burner disappeared earlier this week.  I kept calling it- and it kept ringing, someplace, for the past several days, but I never got an answer to either a ring or a text I sent to it saying whose phone it was.  So Burner 2.0 is now in da house- it's a flip phone this time, and despite being three percent the retail price of the iPhone 5S I just got, hers came with three manuals that outweigh the phone itself, while mine came with no documentation whatsoever.

* Next, I gave into the nags from my car and set out to make an oil change appointment. It starts displaying a message when the oil life hits 15%. Before I even got out of the car park, though, Kermit popped a new warning: CHECK TIRE PRESSURE. To which I replied, SHIT.  I'd just put two new tires on the front and was hoping to get to inspection month to replace the other two.  So I hastened the stop, discovered that all four tires were the perfect pressure, and the idiot light went out on its own moments later. But at least I have a confirmed oil change appointment Tuesday morning that does not involve a waitlist;)

* After a brief stop home, I loaded up the car again with some moar stuff for the new office. Among it, our former kitchen microwave, older and grubbier than the one they have, but theirs is smaller and has an older-school dial-type timer.  I also laid in a small speaker so I can stream off my phone while in there.

* None of this helped me catch a call from Eleanor, though: I butt-declined the incoming call.  On returning it, I learned that our dog had come up lame in a hind leg. This isn't unusual, especially when the weather changes, and we have the meds on hand to deal with it.  So we found them, and I headed home soon after.  Then I discovered that the 5S sends you messages if you don't respond to a voicemail, at least from people on your favorites.  At feeding time, we wrestled Ebony to the ground to take her pill, then I followed her outside to be sure she didn't hork it.  In the past, she's been better in a day or two after getting on the medication. We're hoping it will be so.

That gets us to dinner, and Doctor Who, and the Mets in 97 minutes. It's Victory's turn:)
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