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A day filled with first world problems.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
A day filled with first world problems....
We switched cars for the morning; Eleanor had a doctor's appointment and needed my car to get out there and back without fear of running out of charge.  I'd originally had a first-thing oil change appointment, but rescheduled it to 1 p.m.- enough time, I figured, to get to the office, then court, then switch cars again before the appointment.

I was close.

Office was fine, although I'm still getting to know all the new tech pieces in my life. Yesterday, I'd forgotten to re-forward my calls back to my mobile when I left, and was flummoxed in trying to call into the office-phone voicemail remotely.  Turned out, no missed calls- and I now know the completely counter-intuitive code to call in with.

I'm also still getting used to having a new cell phone- mainly because the old one is still hanging around.  I managed to bring them both into the office today, silly though that seemed.  I then left the old one in Iggy while in court (and right after the new one almost crashed into my dashboard when a speeding ambulance made me jam brakes on heading into downtown), and promptly forgot to bring the new one with me when I switched cars.

(I'm also fumbling around with desktop vs. mobile devices. My mostly absent officemate has left her desktop in the office, and at least once I've gone to close my laptop lid and instead started to slam her monitor into her keyboard.  It's also still a learning curve to realize we no longer have a traditional base-and-handset telephone anywhere in the house; it's just a matter of time before I try to make a call on my adding machine;)

By the time of the switch, I was already a little behind. For one thing, today's court was with the slower, more methodical of the two local judges I appear most before. He didn't start calling 11:00 a.m. cases until well past noon. When I got near Wegmans, things slowed again; there's perpetual road construction between here and the store,and today they had a whole major cross-street closed down... leading to major backups getting into and out of Eleanor's car park.  By the time we switched keys and I was on my way past the blockage, I was a few minutes late for the appointment.

Nobody complained. In fact, nobody was even in the waiting room for a good 10 minutes- and there still wasn't when I got back from a quick late lunch a block away.  Apparently they'd started somebody else's work while I was out, and the manager was mortified- he got the car right in, and about an hour later he presented me with a no-charge invoice for keeping me late.

Truth be told? I didn't mind- I brought, and finished, a work project; there were no other customers,or annoying TV on, in the waiting room; and I've waited longer in that same place with appointments more than once.  I half-believe that he no-charged it specifically because I didn't bitch about it. 

By the time Eleanor got home, with my missing phone, I'd again missed no calls. At least I knew how to call into THAT voicemail.  I've just recorded the season premiere of Fargo from last week, the first world problem there being that networks constantly manage not to inform me of returning series television- and the Mets are now trying to get a Game Three lead.  I also got an email with my pre-order code for World Series tickets- at 2:00 tomorrow, I'll again have that magical, mystical chance to advance them money to attend a game that might never happen.  That's about as first-world as it gets:)
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bill_sheehan From: bill_sheehan Date: October 21st, 2015 01:05 am (UTC) (Link)
We're marathoning "Extant" at the moment. With the exception of the androids, all of the tech will be here the day after tomorrow. i want transparent screens!
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