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"Surely you can't be World Series-us." - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
"Surely you can't be World Series-us."
You're right. I can't.  Unless I am graced by the kindness of a fellow Mets fan, I will not be at a World Series game next week.

I had four computers going at it at the stroke of 2 p.m. today, thanks to co-workers who were more than happy to offer their own little pieces of bandwidth to help try me to snag a seat at a once-in-a-lifetime sporting event which, still, might not even happen.

The odds even improved quite a bit from the first two times. Instead of letting every lucky entrant buy four tickets to each of four possible games, they changed the eligibility so you had to pick one of the three potential games and then you were only able to buy two.  And by "you" I mean "not me." None of us got out of the "virtual waiting room" until after we'd been stuck in it until a good five minutes had gone by- and by then, even single seat options were coming up either "unavailable" or "too busy to even look" for each of the three potential Mets home games.

As with my last try, the only hope then was an evil one- that someone's ticket reservation would time out and they'd go back into the pool.  The bots apparently were ready for that, too, because there was a sudden resurgence of the "too busy" message on all of our computers at once before, blessedly, the whole thing was pronounced a sellout and we could all get back to work.

I'd been meaning to bring in some kind of foodstuffs to thank everyone for helping me with the transition.  This kindness merits more and better:)

A footnote to that "might not happen" part: the Mets have won the first three games of their series against the Cubs. Only a record collapse prevents them from advancing. Not that the Mets are beyond record collapses; ask the 2007 Phillies about that. The third, fourth and (if necessary) fifth World Series games will be in our ballpark (or the Cubs'- see "record collapse" above), while the first two and any needed final two will be in the AL stadium. Odds are that will be the one in Kansas City, but Toronto just won at home, closing their series deficit to 3-2, and the Jays could still advance if they win the final two games on the road....

which would put World Series games, most likely against the Mets, 90 minutes from my driveway. I have no sekrit codes to buy THEIR tickets, but anything in this world is possible:)
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