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Re-Teneration:) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
I might have been the last genuine Windows user in the country to finally get 10 up and running.

It wasn't for lack of them telling me; the July morning when it first released, the Little White Windows icon promptly popped up on all three of our 7/8 machines.  The luck, overall, was not good:

Hortense, rechristened Hortoons after an accident: this would be Eleanor's HP almost-tablet with touchscreen.  She did the drill, got it all working fine, as far as "fine" would go. It did not go as far as stopping the Psycho Touchscreen Effect it had been displaying for weeks; along the diagnostic road, she was told to uninstall 10 because it apparently had routine crashing issues with HP hardware.  A ship to the factory and back solved the psycho issue, but she's now firmly retained in 8, with no great need or desire to go back up.

Groot, my Windows 7 billing-and-backup laptop.  This one took the place of a 2008-and-Vista-era laptop I'd retired from primary work duty in mid-2014 and replaced altogether a few months later.  This one has never taken the upgrade a-tall: the Little White Windows icon tells me "There are no supported networking devices."  Funny, when I bring it into either of my (now) offices, it has no trouble connecting to network content, printers, files.  This is apparently a known upgrade bug, and I'd only worry if I needed to use Groot more regularly, or if they decide to end support for 7 at some point.  So it just sits there.

Which brings us to Tobor- this one. So named because he was my first 8th Man machine, but as of today, he is no more. We could rebuild him; we had the technology.

Apparently, the problem with the upgrade going before today was my preference for not logging in every time this machine goes to sleep.  That caused, what else?, a known bug in the upgrade being approved.  Finally, I found a solution, but it meant I had to muck in my own registry.

Editing registry entries, for you Macaholics and Linux blanket-carriers, is a bad idea: Bad with a capital B which rhymes with D which stands for DON'T.  I don't understand them, and rarely dare to go in there- but the online solution seemed simple, so very simple, that only an idiot savant could do it:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\OSUpgrade]

  • It should exist, but if not, create it.

  • Create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value with Name = "AllowOSUpgrade” (without the quotes), and set the Value = 0x00000001.

  • Somehow, I managed to get to that point, and to the value-changing field, but it refused to take my zeroes and ones.  It was one character too long.

    Then I saw the prior post:

    Users aren't registry geeks, so we don't know what seems obvious to you--  we just need to enter the digit "1". After it's entered, it appears as 0x0000001 (1).

    That did it.  A quick return to Windows Update (hopefully my last, ever, as 10 pushes those upgrades automatically without user involvement) brought up the GET STARTED button.  In my paranoid case, GET STARTED meant BACK EVERYTHING THE FUCK UP. Two external drives and a cloud later, it was, and we did- and as of now, 10 is running, seemingly with all the kids playing nicely with it.

    The damn START menu still isn't right, requiring an add-on to replicate an XP feature I remain fond of (and addicted to). But hopefully I will never have to go through this crap again until they insert the direct link from my brain to my keyboard.

    Now to clear the annoying survey prompt about my "Windows 10 upgrade experience" and hope Semagic still posts like it's supposed to:P
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