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Pupdate and Realikitty. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Pupdate and Realikitty.
The dog's doing much better since she got on meds for her inflamed hindquarter.  The swelling is down, although the wounds from her picking at it remain, and she still needs to be kept from such picking by constant use of the Cone of Shame.  But the lameness that first presented itself is gone, her appetite is back (if enhanced somewhat by the wet food that hides the meds), and she's done fine on walkies four straight days.  There's still the mystery of why she's snoring/growling more while asleep, but I can't figure everything out.

Then there's the oldest cat, who stopped eating a few days after the dog's symptoms flared up. He's not been in to the vet yet, and he's essentially in self-diagnosed Hospice care now. I bring him food, better and lesser than he used to demand, and he nibbles at it.  There's a water bowl in the kitchen and another in the room he spends most of his time in, and he seems more interested in that. Other than one occasion where I think I startled him, he's had no accidents that I've found, and I've seen him using the catbox in his room, and other evidence in there of unseen visits.  Most importantly, any time we go in, or he occasionally ventures out, he seems alert, and is purring, and does not seem in distress. 

Tuesday will be the 99th anniversary of my mother's birth. She always said she wanted to die at home in her own bed, and she got that wish, thanks to my sister's gentle care. Every time I go to check on him, I wonder if it will have been That Time. In time, at a time the kids can be here, we will ask for veterinary help with the passing, but until then, he's warm, and comfortable, and loved.  We've gotten him to that point, and will be with him until the end, whenever and however that arises.
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