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Good Things Seen. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Good Things Seen.
We (mostly we, exception noted below) have kept the DVR busy the past few nights with a rather good run of luck- including fairly recent films and first-run episodic telly.  In order of the watching:

* My Old Lady came out in 2014. There were plenty of other great films from last year- Birdman, Theory of Everything, Imitation Game among them- but how this one didn't at least get mentioned in the Oscar conversation, I can't say.  Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith and Kristen Scott-Thomas give memorable performances of two Brits and an American in Paris.  They'd all worked with each other in other films in various permutations, but this combination of all three was simply wondrous.

* Doctor Who- The Woman Who Lived, the sixth of Twelve for Series 9.  It might be the best of the entire current RTD-Moff-era episodes I've ever seen.  Making it more amazing was it being almost entire Companion-less- at least not of the current one. I had to speculate about whether they will somehow work Maisie Williams, in this character(s)' incarnation or otherwise, into the TARDIS's second chair one Jenna Coleman makes her exit.

* Fargo- Waiting for Dutch. I'm on my own for this one, at least for now, and as with several other series, I missed all the memos about its return. (No problem knowing about The Last Fucking Kingdom coming up next on Auntie America, though:P)  Given their killoff of much of the Series One cast, you wondered how they'd continue the tale, and it was quickly decided to take it backward- to that Horrible Thing in 1979 that Molly and Lester and everyone else occasionally mentioned.  We've now seen It, but as with everything Coen, it's the nuances of the It that are the best.  Anyone can do grisly murder, but watching Kirsten Dunst turn the scene into Death on Rye is truly special.  The "Dutch" in this episode title, btw, is a reference to B-movie actor Ronald Reagan, mentioned but not seen in the surreal series opening scene.  According to the credits, his 1980 election-era self will be appearing later in the season- played by Bruce Campbell.  Always knew them Reagan Republicans were a bunch of zombies:P

And finally, just now:

*Enough Said. One of James Gandolfini's final films, and I believe the first to be released after his death. I've never seen him play ANY role badly, even ones such as this one outside his wheelhouse; but this one transcended even sweeter turns of his such as In the Loop's scene with Mimi Kennedy playing with soldiers in a dollhouse.  One reason, according to his longtime Sopranos co-star Michael Imperioli:

Imperioli was asked if he had seen this film, given that it featured "The Sopranos" co-star James Gandolfini. Imperioli said that viewing the trailer was enough, as it seemed closest to what Gandolfini was like, and that he couldn't bear to see his late friend through the entire film.

The credits include the simplest of homages after the cast names roll: "For Jim."  And after seeing him shine here and throughout his career, that was, indeed, enough said.
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