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Oh Brave New Address That Has Such Annoyance Getting to It! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Oh Brave New Address That Has Such Annoyance Getting to It!
There's nothing wrong with my new office.  Nice setup, nice people. It's the transitioning that continues to give me gigglefits.

My incoming mail is down to a trickle.  It took way too long to get a forwarding order through. Why? Because I didn't have a unique-to-me "suite number" at the old place. So I was instructed to make one up. This has resulted in exactly one mailpiece arriving with a yellow sticker on it.

Even worse, I made special efforts to notify some "frequent flyers" of the move: courts that send me things like admission renewals and demands for my disbarment (none this month, yay!), banks that send me statements, and clients and agencies that send me money.  There is an amazing correlation between my sending a specific change-of-address letter or email to these and their ignoring or delaying its implementation.

On the tech/communications front, it's mostly good. The phones all do what they're supposed to and where, both of my laptops play well with the networks and printers in both offices, and the only straggler is the porting of the fax number to a virtual service, which still hasn't gone through.  I can't keel my last landline until that happens.

The Windows 10 upgrade also seems mostly okay, with one odd exception and one constant annoyance.  The exception is the trusty, back-to-Windows-3.1 calculator program. It's been replaced by an App Store thing, and it doesn't work.  The solution, apparently, was to open something called PowerShell and drop a gallon of high-octane code into something looking nostalgically like a C:\ prompt to get all the store apps "re-registered" for 10. I've not rebooted yet to see if that took or not. 

On the annoyance side, most of my wonderful "paperless" banking and billing sites are positively flummoxed that I am now identifying myself as a Windows 10 user from IP address xxx.xx.xx.xxx on Firefox !#.$%%.&.  Nobody must've clued them in that operating systems were being changed for large numbers of Windows users, so I've been slowed down by challenge questions and password reset demands and all kinds of things in order to give them my money.  So far, I've passed all the tests, but I'm bound to screw up and get locked out of something eventually.

On the bright side, I discovered that one of my favorite streaming radio stations, which had dropped its two-hour midday music show for talk, has an affiliated stream that still carries the All Weather Lunch.  I got a little speaker to play it at my desk, and I'm becoming quite enamored of some of the artists I'm hearing on there.  I also renewed my membership with this set of stations; I just hope the pledge card doesn't get lost in the mail along with everything else:P
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