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Sucking blood, then brain cells. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Sucking blood, then brain cells.
The last leftover chore from my Unnecessary Medical Visit last week was getting my blood drawn.  The closest place is walk-in only; none of their other locations could give me an appointment this morning or tomorrow morning, so I went over and took my chances.

First, though, I got to deal with a windstorm on an empty, uncaffeinated stomach.  Both of our totes were upended and their contents spilling into the roadway. I got both cleaned up and then headed over to the Time And Temperature Building; it's one of those odd local landmarks, like the Big Blue Water Tower.  They've replaced the old-school building directory signboard with a digital one, making you miss two elevators while waiting through three screens of A-through P's before getting to Q for Quest.

Third floor. Right.

I was the only one waiting at first, but others soon came in.  Of course there was a TV on, and of course it was tuned to Foxsucker News, so I got to sit through the John Boner farewell address to his troops, as well as his passing of the spray tan bottle gavel to Paul "Eddie Munster" Ryan.  Did you know that Eddie worked on Boner's 1990 Congressional campaign while he was a college student in Ohio?  Yeah- which he was able to afford because he got Social Security benefits after his father died.  The I Got Mine is strong with these ones.

The others in the room watched, and nodded, and complained about "them RINOs" on the screen.  We have always been at war with Eur-Eastasia.


The blood duly sucked, I indulged a post-blood-draw tradition of mine: a real breakfast.  It used to be at a place called Alice's Kitchen, but that closed a few years ago and has become, what else?, a medical office.  Today, though, I bopped across the street to a Greek diner trapped in a longago Pizza Hut body. It's only a dollar or so more than a drive-thru at Tim Horton's, but it's the experience that is always worth it.

Breakfast Out is a Thing with a fast-fading generation. This place was packed at 10 a.m.; a few seemed to be business networking types, but most were The Boys or The Ladies just out for calories and conversation.  I've seen them in places like Mickey D's and Timmy's, too- taking up some bunched-together tables, passing the paper around, talking sports or politics or grandkids while the coffee keeps coming.

The people younger than me aren't there. They're out in the drive-thru lane if they have time or money to eat out at all.  Even worse? They're not talking- or if they are, it's not face-to-face with real people, and it's not with their voices but with their thumbs:

It's sad, but it's also significant. Why do you think FOX is always on in the background? Because their target audience is the one in those waiting rooms, and diners, and other gathering places.  They're influencing the opinions, and eventually the votes, of those geezers. As opposed, you know, to this geezer;)

In the first building I worked in, downtown here, over 20 years ago, the top floor is set aside for a private lunchtime dining club.  I was invited up by The Big Muckety Mucks once or twice. These days, though, it's a club that'll have just about anyone as a member; and unless they successfully complete a Gofundme campaign by the end of today, they will close tomorrow.  A current member, son of an older lawyer who took him as a kid, lamented the change, and quickly got responded to by a commenter calling himself "30-something attorney," instantly ruling me out;), who made the needed point:

Isn't it ironic that the old men lamenting the closing of this club are largely responsible for its lack of usage? As a young attorney i laugh at the notion of an hour lunch break out of the office. These same older men are the same people who instituted minimum billable hours and managed the cut-throat work environment that made lunches at the Midday Club a thing of the past.

We need- YOU need- to resist this trend. Don't stop befriending and bonding because of the pressures of the big shots.  Don't let them take every drop of life, and meaning, or even blood from you. Unless, of course, you've got doctor's orders for it;)
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