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Just 372 Candidate-Shopping Days Until.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Just 372 Candidate-Shopping Days Until....
the 2016 Presidential election. Tomorrow, here, will be a mere warmup.  One countywide office is up for contest, along with a judgeship or three, races that are either rigged or outside my jurisdiction. A couple of county lej seats are up for grabs, which could tilt the current Repug majority downtown, but the candidates are busy slinging the usual mud and misconceptions at each other.

Early in my voting career, media outlets and groups like the League of Women Voters got behind an effort to battle the bullshit. They took various names, typically the "Fair Campaign Practices Committee" or something similar, and they used old fashioned peer pressure when a candidate felt he or she'd been done dirty by an attack ad or an exaggerated claim by the opponent.  Their rulings- ancestors of today's "pants on fire" or Pinocchio counts done by some media- couldn't force an ad to be taken down, but the publicity from the ruling was intended to discourage candidates from going too far.

There was an active bipartisan one in Rochester, but by the time we left, the Republicans had pulled out of the organization of it, refusing to support their fairness guidelines and never using it against other parties- the better to claim libturd media gotcha'ing because newspapers and broadcasters (the ones there by then almost entirely owned by a handful of megacorporations) reported on the rulings.

Now it's just gone totally over the top- or down to the sewer, depending on where your eyeballs are.  Almost the entire GOP field from last week's latest debate had a collective hissy because the CNBC moderators were asking them to acknowledge things they'd actually said, done or proposed. In particular, Ben Carson claimed to have been gotcha'd because they asked about his involvement with a particular snake-oily product; he denied, and has maintained his denial, that he had any role with it, even though the ads and testimonials are all over the place. Must've been his evil twin Skippy.  Meanwhile, the previous week, their minions in Congress put Hillary Clinton through an eleven-hour gotchapalooza over Benghazi, and I didn't hear her complain once, during or after, about the "format."

Despite little to vote on, I fully intend to do so. I've never missed a general I was eligible for, including my first one cast, quite legally, the day before my eighteenth birthday. (You "attain" your age, if not your cake, the day before.)  But it'll be a year from Sunday when the bigger picture will come into focus, as those votes will likely decide the composition of Congress, the next two or more justices on the Supremes, and whether a raging madman will be handed the nuculur codes.

For now, I'm just worried about developing a 2,000 unit subdivision across the street from ours. Maybe I should just wait a year and let Donald Trump bomb it back to the Stone Age.

I leave you with an actual sign for an actual candidate here in the Town of Panemherst- more particularly, District Twee:


"And may the votes be ever in your favour!"
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