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TAP-ped Resources - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
TAP-ped Resources
I wound up on the road to and from Rochester for most of today, and ultimately for no good purpose.

Courts and county offices were closed for Election Day, so I couldn't file any number of things I might've.

A client I'd hoped to meet was "on a bulldozer." How do you argue with that?

The one I did meet with was essentially an unsuccessful deal close.

I wound up leaving early and hoped to just pick up life where it left off.

The car had other plans.

About 10 miles into the drive home on Interstate 490, I started hearing a loud TAP-TAP-TAP noise. Slowing down and turning off World Cafe made it go away. Further investigation revealed that the Sara Watkins Family Hour was not causing it.

I took the first exit. The noise went away, but eventually I discovered that speeds around 59-60 MPH made it return. It was time to get out and look. Ironically, the closest car park I knew of was in front of a fro-yo place that Emily worked at in her final RIT year. (I'd seen a couple weeks ago that this and its other Rochester location had abruptly closed in October.  This one still had a "CLOSED DUE TO FAMILY ILLNESS" sign taped to the door- usually a sure sign of the owner having a walletectomy performed.)

The problem revealed itself pretty quickly: this car's bumper- all plastic- extends below the engine block.  It's held on by a couple of screw-nut combos and some Scotch tape.  I'd noticed back in August that I'd kinda gorked it above and behind the bumper- most likely from running the front end into the old cast iron kitchen sink we removed during the reno and which Emily asked to save for their eventual self-built dream house. Today, though, one of the screw-nut jobbies below, and out of reach, had come undone, causing half the bottom piece to drag and make the TAP-TAP-TAP noise whenever I went above the dreaded 59-60.

That ruled out going home on the usual 490/90 expressway combo.  Mid-70s can get you killed by passing grandmas in Plymouth Reliants.  So I stayed on 33 (an expressway here, but plain old Buffalo Road out there), then to LeRoy, then on Route 5 which would bring me back to old office, new office and finally home....

way slower, on average, than the still-slightly-illegal threshold of 58 MPH.

A butt-ton of state highways converge in the small midway city of Batavia. Routes 5, 33, 63 and 98 all converge and occasionally merge with each other- but the road west was backed up halfway to Geneseo....

by a tractor-trailer that picked this of all afternoons to roll over at the bottleneckiest of all the intersections.

I finally cleared it, and got home close to 3 hours after I left. The mechanic can get the car in tomorrow, but timing sucks in terms of my own needs and Eleanor's tomorrow morning, so there will be some delicate fire-drilling going on to get us and the car all where they need to be.

The silver lining is that it happened on a sunny warm afternoon, with more warm dry weather predicted for tomorrow. I'd put off getting the wonkiness fixed in hopes of holding out until the car's due to be inspected next month. At least it'll be done before those roads get a lot colder and snowier.
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