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Good day, eh? End of day, not so much:P - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Good day, eh? End of day, not so much:P
I was all ready to do a "look on the bright side of life" post today after a few previous ones of assorted annoyances:

My car got fixed, quickly and for a reasonable price. I ♥ our mechanic:)

Election results were mostly good, and we accomplished everything we set out to.  Our Dem county executive was handily re-elected, our Dem Legislator as well, and our town board is now majority Dem for the first time in a generation and majority female for the first time ever.  Across the border, Prime Minister Trudeau was sworn in and promptly named a Cabinet that's not only qualified but representative of the country he's leading.  There were some hiccups- among them, the residents of Kentucky who will lose Medicaid because of an anti-Obamacare acolyte getting elected in a putrid turnout, and the LGBTs of Houston, who lost a chance to gain parity with our human rights because of ZOMGMENINLADIESBATHROOMS! But on the whole, reason prevailed over money:)

Work today was a decent day, and it even ended a little early, so I could do some cardio and some late-day banking....  which is where it went to bloody hell on me.

I'd grabbed a t-shirt off the back of the love seat in my office and tossed it in my gym bag before heading out this morning.  I only discovered, on changing into it at the gym, that the cat(s) had turned the shirt (and later, I found, the entire stash of them in that location) into a ticking pee-bomb.  This cut into my workout time and enjoyment considerably.  The whole stash of them has now been washed, dried and will be relocated to a new, undisclosed secure location.

Then, round 5:20, I went to deposit the one business check du jour that actually made it through the mail.  But how can you deposit a check at 5:20 on a Thursday? Well, yeah- this is a Thing here with all the banks: if you use their non-human methods- desktop scanners, smartphone apps, or in my case ATMs without envelopes or deposit slips, you can get same-day credit for deposits as late as 7 or 8 p.m.!.... Unless the check you're depositing has a printing error on it.  Then the machine spits it right back to you with a too bad, so sad message.  I tried two separate ATMs belonging to my business-account bank and got the same badness/sadness. Fortunately, the client's bank has ONE supermarket-based branch with extended hours, so I brought it over there a bit past 5:30.  I have a personal account there, and it has been deposited into it- with some trepidation (I'd already put a deposit stamp on it for my business account), but I can almost certainly draw it out first thing tomorrow and put it where it should've been already.

Eleanor got home, and things got better, after that. We listened to a new album from a new-to-us jazz musician I'd heard on Jamie Cullum's BBC radio show, and we watched the penultimate S1 episode of Blunt Talk.

Off to insert the cucumbers over my eyelids and get a good night's sleep:)
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stress_kitten From: stress_kitten Date: November 6th, 2015 05:13 am (UTC) (Link)
OMG you have no idea how happy and relieved I am with where it looks like our country is heading.

Actually, you're on my FB feed... you might. :-)
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