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My NaNot of November- and why it's not.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
My NaNot of November- and why it's not....
The idea came just in time- and was sadly inspired by an October full of mass shootings.

I have a title. Most of the characters are real people. The research into the history, and how it would change, would be relatively easy peasy.

It's a simple premise- yet one that would set off any number of hot buttons. Possibly, even, triggers. Real ones.

What if Ronald Reagan had died in the 1981 assassination attempt?

It's entirely plausible; matters of millimeters would have made all the difference. Just off the top of head, we have a completely different world course from 1981 on:

George H.W. Bush is not the Republican candidate in 1988. Under the 22nd Amendment, he would have been term-limited out of eligibility in 1988, unless he lost in 1984, which he likely wouldn't have (see Lyndon Johnson 1964, passim)

Much of Reagan's early initiatives- mainly the tax cuts and military buildup- likely would've been overwhelmingly passed out of pity. But I don't see the later "tax reform" or Soviet gamesmanship developing the same way.  I do see the collapse of Communism happening anyway, which I've always thought Ronnie got way more credit for on account of a couple of sound bites and commercials.

Most relevant to my concerns: we would have meaningful gun control today, much as the 60s assassinations shut up the gun nuts for at least a few Congressional sessions. And we would have a completely different, and probably better, Supreme Court now, on account of who retired and when. No Scalia, no Thomas. Quite possibly a Cuomo, if Democrats made a better choice than Mondale in '84 or Dukakis in '88. Maybe Bill Clinton would've ascended to the White House sooner; maybe Massachusetts would've given us another President- Edward Brooke as our first African-American in the office, or Ted Kennedy out of some weird sort of karma.

Rush Limbaugh would still be working for the Kansas City Royals. Who would still suck, as a result.

That's as far as I could get with the 'Verse in which the story would be told. This, though, is why I can't tell it- at least not now:

Goddam Bill-O.


Everybody's favorite Falklands Fighter already has a book out, called Killing Reagan. It's apparently one of a series- he's also killed off Lincoln, Kennedy and even Jesus in earlier installments.  His premise is not mine, but it's dangerously close: What if the bullet had accelerated the Alzheimer's that eventually caused him to go funny in the head and support gun control?

I haven't read it. Pigs will fly before I do. And any exposure I may have had to the concept, or even the title, was completely subliminal if it even happened.  Still, I'm sure that if I tried to run with this idea- at least now, when it's atop the charts and getting conservative pundits getting into hair-pulling fights with him over it- I'd be mocked and accused of plagiarism or gross exaggeration.

It'd be fitting, given Bill-O's sketchy history with the truth, but I can't do it.

Also, and I admit this: I'm scared of the gun nuts.  I'd be painting a picture of a world looking much like modern Australia, where tragedy produced action and, since, a massive change in culture and results.  Given how scary the ammosexuals get about even modest proposals for regulation- like keeping certified maniacs from buying Uzis at gun shows without any checks on their stability- I'd be just cruisin' for a brusin' if I ran this out.

So it's yours if you want it. Or you can try to talk me into doing it.  Just bring plenty of coffee and even more Kelvar; I'm almost a third out of time here and have nothing to fire back with except my wits.
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puppy firmly objects to any cats outside his windows.
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