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Boundless Blessings of Bandwidth:) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Boundless Blessings of Bandwidth:)
We've gone a bit nuts with enhancing our music collection in recent days. It was largely overdue, and it's not unusual for us to go this route: I think I bought perhaps three record albums in all three years of law school (two vinyl and a cassette).

But we're blessed with tons of go-to sources for new material. We both listen to jazz.fm out of Toronto, which tipped Eleanor off to Gregory Porter and Christian McBride, and me (via Jamie Cullum's weekly BBC radio show) to Liane Carroll.

We also both adore Sara Bareilles, and her Facebook page duly reported that her new soundtrack album came out on Friday. This piece tells the story behind it, and I really hope we can get to see the staging of her sounds.

But my biggest treasure trove of late has been public radio out of Rochester. They introduced me to Hypnotic Clambake, in particular one track that's as infectious as bubonic plague; to a local bar band called Significant Other, which just released a CD of covers and original material that we instantly loved (their string player is first-chair violin with the Rochester Philharmonic, which doesn't hurt); and, most recently arriving, to a faraway project called the Watkins Family Hour.  They're about as far from Rachacha as you can get without hitting salt water or Mexican border, but we knew from their heritage: the Watkins sibs of the title used to be in Nickel Creek, and they've been gigging monthly at an LA club called Largo for over 10 years. (I'd never heard of that club before watching the Tig Notaro documentary a few months ago; now I've run into performances from it at least twice since.)

The album includes Fiona Apple on one of the tracks, and covers from Judy Collins to the Dead.  They're awesome. It's all awesome.  Life is better having these words and music in our lives.
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