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Quick check-in on a few things: - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Quick check-in on a few things:
* Kids and grandkittehs are safely home.  Here's the happy couple with their new ride:

* This morning, I had my first workout since my Rochester overnight back at the local location of the chain I joined a few months back. It was nice meeting a fellow weekend warrior who also had a problem falling off a treadmill; in his case, though, it was more of a shin burn, but it was caused by the class instructor giving him an attaboy pat on the back in an unexpected spot, causing him to fall. I told him my Story of Stupid from late April, and I think he agreed that I won;)

* Remember me mentioning a possible trip to Brooklyn for a court appearance back in September?  Well, my opponent (from Pennsylvania) got dispensation to do it by phone- and then forgot about it on the day of the call. The judge got pissed and rescheduled it for last month, insisting on personal appearances from both of us this time. Then, the case got reassigned, and Brainless emailed me to ask for my consent to doing it by phone again. Good luck with that, but I'll agree if you can get it, I replied.  We got an email Friday about it: it's still on, and he never got permission. Now he still might, tomorrow, but I have to plan for the alternative, which likely means me heading south from Rochester tomorrow afternoon and then home late Tuesday.  Stay tuned.

* If I manage to escape that, the week will still be busy: two prepped-and-ready BK hearings in Rochester tomorrow and a similarly unopposed one there Friday (all of which should go well, subject to the vicissitudes of the various judges involved); and two quick, local, and far-as-I-know-unopposed appearances Wednesday and Thursday.

* It's still too soon to get my feelings out about Paris, with one exception: I am all-in on the movement to deprive these madmen of their chosen identity, typically translated into English as one or two acronyms beginning with an I.  Officials and media in France and elsewhere, supported by the Muslim community, have instead begun using the term "Daesh," which is the transliteration of the actual Arabic letters in that abbreviation.  It is not as catchy or sexy, and has a few nasty meanings in the original Arabic.  Their leaders hate its use and threaten those who say it.  To which I reply, Bring it, bastards. Daesh, you Daeshing Dasehers.
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