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Sparks Flying. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Sparks Flying.

Today began with the literal kind. Then the worse, figurative ones arrived.

I had my second Rochester trip of the week and my third straight morning of 9:30 court, this time there. I was close to the usual exit when I noticed a car ahead of me. It was kinda hard not to: its muffler had a good 3-6 inches making constant contact with the pavement. It was flying up a trail of sparks, and I was worried that it would either ignite something under the car or, just as bad, fly off and whack whoever next came upon it. I got into the passing lane, pulled up alongside, and honked repeatedly, pointing at the back of her (as it turned out) car. Nothing. Now, she was not talking or texting on a cell, and I didn't see earbuds on her, so either she was completely oblivious to her surroundings, or she knew and didn't care.

I thought of calling 911 after I exited (I took the plate down), but I'd have had to stop myself and maybe be late for court on the detour to Bueraurocracyland (as it was, I was mere moments early for it). I hope she, and everyone in her wake, came out okay.


Court itself was fine.  I headed to the local office, which is usually six miles east but today was straight downhill.

First, yesterday's client from across from the Law/Funeral Home texted with bad news.  It's manageable but annoying.  Then I got round to answering an email from 6:42 yesterday morning. Just as nothing good ever happens on dark streets at 4 in the morning, nothing good is ever contained in emails which come after 8 at night or before 7 in the morning.

The sender of the email wanted "the file." That would be the one containing the record of buying a certain property. For reasons of confidentiality, I say no more about the purchase or the property- other than to say "the file" is actually two physical files of the accordioningly-big persuasion, much of it filed documents which incorporate and duplicate earlier documents.

There's another lawyer involved in the matter for the onetime client now. I asked that lawyer's assistant if there was anything they needed. I was told, no- at least not now.  I reported this to the onetime client this morning, along with a couple of choices if more paper was desired: either come to my office, pick out what was desired and we'd copy it as long as the request was reasonable; or send "the file" out to a copy service to do the heavy lifting and charge for the paper and ink.

For this, I was called, and I quote, "a condescending ASS" (caps not mine). I was also regaled with tales of other things I'd either allegedly undone or overcharged for, and the usual threats of further action were hurled.

I sent a muted response and got more vitriol back. At this point, I am going to send what I determine to be ethically required. I am not going to take the bait. The view from the high road is always better.

This, btw, came a day after another lawyer I know got sued- over a misspelling on a piece of paper. Of one or two letters.  Fuckall- everybody's turning into Donald Trump now.

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