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And the cat-down rolls on.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
And the cat-down rolls on....
Eleanor woke me up before leaving for work today- first time all week I haven't had an early alarm (and I'll have one tomorrow, too, if I go through with doing the Turkey Trot for the fourth straight year).  She wanted me to call the vet about a sensitive subject we've discussed among ourselves over the past month:

Kittyboy on top in that picture, snuggling with his BFF, who's also had health issues of late. (She's doing MUCH better:)  They double-whammied us a few weeks ago: the dog came up lame and picked at the swelling in that leg, leading to antibiotics (done), anti-inflammatories (cut way back) and way-increased walkies.  Tazzer, at the same time, went off his feed, and for several days seemed completely out of it- rarely moving, and showing no interest in the catbox whatsoever. (We'd set up his own on the main floor some time ago, but even that seemed too far a walk.)

Little by little, he returned to being himself. After about a week, his appetite was fully back, and he's also back in his usual snuggling and sunning spots.  We've moved his personal catbox once more- into my room/office, the better to keep an eye on it/him, and he's doing better in that department, but there are more than a few misses. We clean, and prevent.

The issue this morning, after some particularly toxic deposits got cleaned, was whether we were in denial about him.  And so the call to Dr. Scott, who essentially took the approach to the patient that we usually do:

How IS he?

Never mind the quality of the stool. How's the quality of the life? Sure, he's sleeping more at almost 17, but when he's awake, is he active? Eating? Seeking out the sunny spots and the kitty television in the front picture window? Snuggling with us in bed and on sofas?  Playing, even?

Yes on all counts for now:)

And so we go on. He can't wear a diaper, which would solve 90 percent of the problems, but we can be vigilant, and caring, and give him every moment he wants. The other key sign, consistent with the earlier cases we've had to send to Rainbow Bridge? Cats, he said, are good at disguising pain; it's an instinct from the wild. When they need to conceal it beyond their visible abilities, they hide. And he hasn't.  He can be found in all the usual places- where he will always find all the usual love:)
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