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Sleeprunning. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
I had a plan. It was a good plan.

Thanksgiving morning here is the home of the oldest continuously-run road race in this county- five miles down Buffalo's Delaware Avenue, now a pack of more than 14,000 participants, many in costume, more than a few drinking their breakfast.  In 2011, I tried getting in on the action too late- but the past four years, I've signed up ahead of time, picked up my materials ahead, and made the trek in just over an hour each time.

Until this year.

The signup, yup. The pickup, yesterday. But none of my assorted gym buds from various places were running, or would be at my relatively glacial pace, so for the third year in a row I was looking at an hour of solitude.

I've done it in sunny upper 40s.  I've done it in frigid sub-20s.  This year would have been one of the warmer, sunnier ones.  Still, the rush of the first few has kinda passed me by.

But, as I said, there was a plan.

I have until the end of next week, aka "within 30 days of your birthday," to get in my biennial attorney registration, including an attestation that I've done my 24 required hours of continuing ed.

As of yesterday, I had 15.  No matter: doing this last-minute is a lawyer rite of passage here. A month before your birthday, the CLE providers start calling, emailing, begging for your biennial business.  I have eight free credits coming at the end of next week through a company I present for.  That left one credit unearned; better make it two or three.  (Unused ones carry over.)  A fellow Damn Scorpio, also doing the last-minute rush, recommended a quick three-credit course on a CD from the local bar association. I ordered it, thinking I'd listen in the car over the past few weeks.

Never did, of course.  Which led to the plan:

Flip the course onto my phone and listen to it, in my lonely hour of solitude, while men in speedos and families of giant caterpillars were trundling down Delaware around me.

Step one: sync the course onto my iPhone.

It's on two CDs.  I put in the first.  As iTunes does, it sent it off to Gracenote to identify the tracks and pull down the album art.  Here's what it came up with for my "2015 Update on NYS Civil Practice and Procedure" disc:

I really want to know what that first one is.  Maybe I get extra credit for being bilingual.

The second disc was even more surprising. Gracenote identified it instantly:

I don't even.

Because we're lawyers, and thus lying sacks of shit, we have to write down three embedded codes given out during the presentation in order to claim the credit: I heard them all (I even had them before listening, on account of the other Damn Scorpio who already listened), but do I get extra credit if I also write down avada kedavra?

So all I had to do was get up on time, drive to Delaware and Kenmore, and have a go of it.  Or not.

The Mooch Patrol had me up well before 5; I was twilighty-awake when Eleanor left for work before 8, but the two oldest animals were snuggling and I just didn't have the oomph, so I turned off the alarm and decided to let nature decide.  When I woke for good at 8:30, with just enough time to throw on sneakers and dash to the start line, I said no.

Good non-move, as it turned out. This seminar material is drier than the King James Bible, and the droning about "articulable nexus" (which might be a band, or a new luxury car) and the references to Tauza versus Susquehanna Coal Company ("SUSQUEHANNA COAL COMPANY?!?") would've had me down to Barely Walking before I even hit the Delaware Park S-curves.

Instead, I listened to Take Five and J.K. Rowling in the quietude of our living room. The codes are written down (and for the record, I did listen to the whole damn thing). Eleanor's home from her four hours with the other horde of Thanksgiving crazies. The kids are due sometime today.

    We've had ups and downs over this year, especially over the past few weeks with external stuff, but we have immense amounts to be thankful for.  Including everyone reading these words.

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    bill_sheehan From: bill_sheehan Date: November 26th, 2015 06:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
    A very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Ray.
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