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"Things are tough all over." - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
"Things are tough all over."
I end the month with that inspirational quote from the Mom List- that compendium of all the things my mother said to us that I swore I'd never say.  After days like this, it's hard not to.

The Sick continued.  Worse in the morning, but never completely lifting from my nose, throat or spirits. I worked from home as much as I could to keep the swap meet of bugs down as much as I could.  Two clients were scheduled; one canceled, reporting even sicker symptoms than I had. The other did come in, but there really wasn't much I could do today.  I did get my biggest laugh of the day out of the paperwork I saw; among other issues is one with federal compensation (I'm not handling it,  know nothing about how to), but the official government designation on the form told me everything I needed to know about why the process was so evil:


I could only envision what would be coming next:


Done with that one, the other sicker than me, and a moderate amount accomplished, I headed home for the rest of the workday- and my main laptop computer, which had been fine all morning, decided on arrival that it, too, was sick and wouldn't turn on.  I'd run into this glitch a couple of weeks ago when it just shut down dead at the office.  A few hours off seemed to be the tonic that time, and it had never done it again despite bringing it on several trips to both offices.  Today, though, it would not restart- until it did.  Ten booted up, and promptly shut back off.

I ran errands to give it some charging time in case it was a battery issue.  Nope-  still no good.  More errands. Finally, round about 5:30, with some targeted jiggling and some quick work with the external drive, I got it to stay on long enough to cull all of my essential new data off it. Of course it then worked for its longest stretch of the afternoon- until it didn't.  That's when I resolved to Leave Well Enough Alone (another quote from Teh List- thanks, ma:P) and pressed my backup laptop, fondly nicknamed Groot, into service.

It's much slower, doesn't have all my software on it, but it'll hold me until I can either diagnose Tobor locally or ship him back for factoryish diagnosis.  (Fortunately, I bought purchase protection on the damn thing.)

It may also cut in on my posting here, since I don't have Semagic loaded on Groot and am not sure he has enough oomph to run it and everything else.  And as my first try at this post reminded me, direct entry of posts into LJ is an exercise in literary kamikaze.

In fact, I'd better post it now. Because as Mom always said, you'd lose your entry if it wasn't glued onto your neck.
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