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One of these things is not like the other. Oh, wait, it is. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
One of these things is not like the other. Oh, wait, it is.
I couldn't decide which of these icons to use. So I'll show you both of them:


Each is a depiction, from televised comedy, of an extreme, over-the-top depiction of a representative of a major world religion.  One or two representatives of each of these faiths committed a brutal mass murder in the past week within the borders of our own nation.  Yet the reactions of most of the media and, especially, the Presidential pack on the right couldn't have been more different.

In the day or so since a center for disabled people became the scene of slaughter, and the shooters were revealed, not only to have been of Muslim background (you can tell by the names), but of expressing sympathy for the most radicalized of their adherents. there's been nothing but villification of them, and the entire religion they represent in the public eye. There you go again, with them Islamofascist terrorists.  Every major Republican candidate for president has condemned and villified, and their only plan for prevention of similar tragedies has been calls for prayer.

Yet only days before, a Planned Parenthood clinic became the scene of a slaughter, and the shooter was quickly identified, not only to have been of Christian background (you can tell by the name), but of expressing sympathy for the most radicalized of their adherents.  In place of the villification, though? Talk of him being a "lone wolf" and a registered Democrat.  No talk of them Catholofascist terrorists.  It took close to a day after the shooting for any Republican candidate to even mention the mass murder- a touchy subject for a pack that, like the shooter, would stop only inches short of where he did to create a world with "no more baby parts" being allegedly sold.  (Plus, that story broke on Black Friday, and the boys and Carly were all busy with their fundraising tweets and campaign-merch specials for most of that day).  I didn't hear any calls for prayer that afternoon and evening. Heard plenty of "good riddance" responses, though.

Go, team.


Islamofascists want to impose sharia law, we are told. Catholofascists succeed at imposing it, at least when it comes to sexuality and reproductive rights.  Look at the restrictions, and the shamings, and the trans-vaginal wandings being mandated in state after state after state, and then look me in the eye and tell me that Achmed the Hypothetical Sharia Lawgiver could really come up with anything worse.

Even better, look a poor, scared and isolated pregnant woman in the eye and tell HER that.  I can't get pregnant, last I checked, so I don't get to complain about it as much as she would.


Of course, the other thing these two religious-extreme incidents have in common is the heavy artillery.  And even after these, yet again, not a single cry is going up to do anything about a world where these terrorists can be that crazy and still not stopped from opening fire.

We have met the enemy, and not only is he us- he is shooting at us.

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ellettra From: ellettra Date: December 5th, 2015 12:52 am (UTC) (Link)
I keep thinking there's going to be some country who starts denying US citizens entry because we might be terrorists.
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