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Lull-aby time.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Lull-aby time....

Over on ellettra's journal, there was a call for reporting what various episodic programmes we-all have been watching lately.  As I commented there, and will expand upon here, the short answer to that is, "not much... soon."  Our only two regular Watches will soon be ending, and the candidates to replace them don't get going until next month at the earliest.

Series 9 of the new Doctor Who proper ended on Saturday; one can never be sure how much the Christmas special will be an extension of a season or a necessary prequel to the next one, but these twelve episodes ended, fittingly enough, with the Moff-written and Rachel Talalay-directed combo of "Heaven Sent" and "Hell Bent." The former might be the best I've ever seen of any Doctor, just from the standpoint of Capaldi's singlehandedly brilliant performance; but the followup explained, resolved and yet left some fun potential moments out there, which we might be able to at least pop some Christmas crackers over.

Then, last night, Fargo reached its penultimate conclusion: violently, but just as brilliantly.  We finally saw the "Massacre at Sioux Falls" which the older Lou Solverson remembers so vividly at moments of the first-but-much-later-in-time series; from the provenance of the series and plot of this season so far, we knew it would be Peckinpah-violent, and indeed it was,  but even Eleanor got through it without much wincing, and almost all of the death was key to the story.  One odd cameo and related naming to mention, though: in a season occasionally punctuated by sightings of alien spaceships, with one very large punctuation mark at the end of this ep, they finally reveal

[Spoiler (click to open)]Hanzee's last name to be.... Dent.  And the "English narrator" who's the first to utter that name onscreen is none other than Martin Freeman, who played Lester in last year's series and, of course, played Arthur Dent in the big-screen HHGTG.


So with these two almost past, what's next?  The only FX offering that looks interesting, occasionally advertised during Fargo, is a Zach Galifianakis show called Baskets; meanwhile, Auntie promoted The Last Kingdom to death during Twelve's latest run with no interest from us whatsoever, and this weekend's finale moved on to pimping a police procedural called Luther. That debuts next week, but it's unclear when or how long after it will run.

Beyond that, we're into January, at least: Sherlock returns, on BBC and PBS, for a one-off on New Year's Day, but our PBS affiliate has been shit about showing many network programs on shedule  and I may have to resort to, um, deduction in order to catch Martin Freeman and that other guy yet again.  The following week, Endeavour begins airing its third short series of episodes on the Beeb, but I've yet to see a US release date confirmed, so, more deduction.  For sure, though, Portlandia resumes on 21 January, so we'll put a bird on THAT deduction;)

Beyond those beyonds, it'll be waiting and seeing. Netflix is committed to a third series of Peaky Blinders and a second of Bloodline (the latter bringing John Leguizamo into the cast), but I've yet to see dates.  Nothing seems Must See over on HBO or SHO, unless Dexter does somehow return.

So. Any recommendations for between or besides any of those?
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