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Reductdio'd to an Absurdum Computer - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Reductdio'd to an Absurdum Computer
I got wondering about something a few weeks ago, so I looked it up, and even turned it into a Facey trivia question of sorts. It went something like this:

There is a very famous and universally recognized image. It's a photo, taken by an artist named Charles O'Rear of a landscape in California, and he named it "Bliss."  Yet although you've probably seen it yourself, SOMEPLACE, in the past month or even days, you probably have no idea what its provenance is.  But if I uttered just two letters, you would, likely, instantly know what image I am talking about. Where's the image from, or what are those letters?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

That's Bliss- the wallpaper that came preloaded onto every XP-era Windows laptop, save those of the manufacturers that managed to opt out of it.  As this one's original screen did- but it's a Compaq. Since HP no longer cares to maintain that legacy brand, this machine switched to default Bliss-ing when I installed the final XP service pack on it.

So this is the one now sitting on my desk, at home, while I await the jury's verdict on whether Tobor will be repaired or replaced.  It's a backup to a backup, if you will.  The other one's on Emily's old desk, where it usually is; I keep my billing separate from other programs, and that's where I usually work on it.  I've now got Outlook and BK software up to date on there, plus Office for documents and spreadsheets.  That machine also has Chrome, but this one has always had Firefox, so I pressed it back into service to keep all that history available.  It doesn't quite work with my saved profile information from the earlier version (XP does have its limitations, yo), but it's going remarkably well for the time being.

Just two real issues with this ancient machine.  One: it's been off its hinges for years. That was the main reason Eleanor retired it, probably about five years ago.  The other is my typing style constantly hits the CAPSLOCK key.  I checked if there was a workaround to disable that function and the recommended options all involved registry-mucking.  So I came up with my own.

Here, in all its glory, is the computer So Old It Ain't Got a Name, with the wobbly propped screen and autocorrected caplock function:


Yes, there's cleaner on my desk; it's for the cat, not the computer. And the Bobbleheadless is of Curt Schilling, seeing how he lost his head since leaving baseball.

Now get off my blissful lawn.
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