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Twelve days of Christmas/2: The first and second.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Twelve days of Christmas/2: The first and second....
Only six days to go in 2015, so I need to knock off two reviewy items a day to get them all in before the ball drops.

First, the past 36 hours, briefly:

I did see Force Awakens with Emily, plus Cameron and his entourage. No specifics, no spoilers, other than: JJA got it right. All the sins of Episodes 1-3, and the even worse ones of the Holiday Special (which I tried to watch with Rifftraxing on Christmas Eve) are forgiven.

Christmas dinner was We Two, along with a rewatch of In the Loop, the film incarnation (see what I did there?) of the BBC series The Thick of It. Both starred one P. Capaldi as a Twelve-Fucks-Per-Minute British PM's operative. The film version also included Mimi Kennedy and James Gandolfini in one of the most awesome single scenes the latter ever did; this afternoon, we in the living room (later I at the gym) began watching the series, with fewer US stars but still a good riff on inner political workings. (This series actually had a curse consultant to write the incredibly creative uses of (mostly) "fuck" which come out of (mostly) Capaldi's mouth.)

Round 8 p.m., I went to set up the DVR for the Christmas special. Initially, I got this:


Fortunately, the connections resolved themselves before the episode began, and it's cued and awaiting the kids' return to share with them.

This morning was devoted to computers: Emily, fixing her Mom's so we could watch Thick of It on it through Hulu Plus (an effort that was stressful but eventually successful for her, yet kinda useless since Eleanor couldn't bear to watch the director's herky-jerkyBlair Witch-ish camera work); while I headed out to ship my Mostly Dead primary laptop to the repair planet. The main UPS place by the airport was closed; I called 1-800-PICK-UPS, and they were happy to schedule one- for Monday; but just before giving up, I passed a UPS Store right next to our church, and God intervened. They were closing earlier than their usual Saturday hours, but I got it in under the wire, and it should be in Diagnoseland by Tuesday or Wednesday.

And that's where we are. Now, the first two of my twelve most important 2015 memories, which will focus on The Kids because they're here. These twelve are in no particular order, and these two neither the most nor least important:

* An ending.

We've had pets for Emily's entire life. The two cats who were here before her stayed with us until she was 13 and 15, respectively. Of the two we lost thereafter, only one (Biggsy the Big Dumb All-Black Loverboy Cat) passed before his time; the other was Tasha, our first dog, who lasted to 13. She and Cameron got their first cat in the first year in their Rochester apartment, then added a second shortly before moving out to Palmyra. Earlier this year, that second kitty, Arthur- Cameron's picked-out pet and the first he'd ever really been totally responsible for-

seen here keeping the apartment safe from Exterminate-ion

- came down with what they think was FIV, a virus he likely had from his time at Lollypop Farm- and they had to send him to Rainbow Bridge in his first year with them.

That'll make you grow up in a damn hurry. They quickly added another boykitty, Westley, who is a little skittish but otherwise is in mostly good health.


A beginning.

In early November, we were approaching the second anniversary of the car accident that, blessedly, left both kids unhurt but which totaled their car. They'd been driving my old Ford Focus since then, and it was getting less and less reliable. We pushed on them to find something before the car was dead on the side of a road someplace, and, again blessedly, they did: this came home to them in the second weekend of November 2015:


Their first New(ish) Car:)  We're also in preliminary talks about their First House, which may be identified in the coming year even if not actually closed until 2017.  These things also make you grow up, but in a much nicer way:)

Also, the Focus found a new and deserving owner earlier this month, thanks to a combination of Karma and Kraigslist.  So it's all good:)


Tomorrow's likely items on the countdown: the other Problem Pet Children of 2015.
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