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Twelve days of Christmas/2: The fifth and sixth.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Twelve days of Christmas/2: The fifth and sixth....
I ended last night's post by predicting that today's entry would cover some of  the pretty awesome trips I found time to take in 2015.

Like many of my predictions, I was wrong.  Today, instead you get two mixed bags: death, and the cause of taxes, aka work.

Way sooner than I expected, I'm spending lots of time in and around funeral homes.  No current co-workers, nor anyone in the immediate family (save the one four-legged grandchild), but the quantity more than made up for the consanguinity. One gym friend lost both parents months apart and I was at the Law Firm/Funeral Home for both of those. Church continued to be a parade of Remembrance services, and not just of the really olden oldies.  The saddest, by far, was the one I shared about the other day, of the daughter of two friends who passed far too soon.

And this morning? Yet one more.

Bill was one of my first and longtime biggest clients. He'd lived here since 1964, but came to Rochester with a need for counsel because Buffalo lawyers either couldn't or wouldn't touch the case. Four months in, when my mentor died, Bill stuck with me, and we got him mostly successful results through the years until we moved here.  His passing was not unexpected; he'd fallen off the business radar some time ago and I'd heard rumors of memory-loss issues. Those finally ended on Saturday,and his memorial service was this morning.  Eleanor knew him, and his dear late wife, a fixture in the local art community. His son is fairly famous well beyond this zip code (and the spitting image of his Dad); one daughter came home from Boston for the funeral, while the other has remained here to run the company he built up and loved despite being in a rough part of town. The kids only barely remembered me, but Bill was always one of the best, and it's good to see the company and family living on.

Nationally, news came today of the death of longtime Harlem Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon.  I always had a fondness for that sports outfit; they likely were the professional hoops team I ever saw play live, in the first year or so of the Nassau Coliseum. It was during their Saturday Morning CBS Cartooniverse years; the program had the whole gang, including Granny their manager and Dribbles the Dog, on the cover. This was before stupider heads prevailed and merged the real Globetrotters into a ludicrous trip to Gilligans Island. Of course, if anybody could have jumped the shark more effectively than Fonzie, it would have been Meadowlark.


To balance out the downery side of that, I can say that work was newer and better than it's been in some time, and nothing's really been bad in any of the almost ten years since striking out on my own.

The biggest change was moving house, in the business sense.  For well over 15 years, I'd had a virtual local office with some very nice lawyers and an even nicer support staff.  (Their only witch among the latter finally got drowned about a year ago, and her replacement has always been patient and kind to me and clients, even in the months since I left.)  A few years in, I became friends with one of the other lawyers in the place, who moved out about five years ago and then, last year, moved again to a nicer location.  Round mid-year, she told me they needed someone to take over an office in their suite for the two-year balance of the lease, and they made me an incredibly nice deal for it; a real desk, chair, phone and copier for about the same cost as my a la carte use of the other place (once you figured in the cost of the three landlines inside this house which have now all been killed off).  I'm getting business from her, the second lawyer there and the one I'm subletting from; their staff is also kind and 100% witch-free. It's also gotten me into a better daily routine dividing work from home.

The year began with me finalizing the settlement of one of Those Impossible Cases where I never thought the two sides would come together.  It ended with me closing a real estate deal I never thought would see the light of day, either. In between, I argued (and won) my first appeal in ages; made headway in developing at least one old and one new potential major source of commercial business; and may have witnessed the final resolution of some of the oldest and messiest cases on anybody's docket, mainly by outliving my own client- whose November funeral I did not attend.


Tomorrow will begin early, between delivering Lost Things out to the kids and some other errands; will continue at lunchtime in Rochester with court filings and an actual lunch at their new branch of a legendary Buffalo wing place; and will end when a client gets to WNY all the way from Maine to finalize papers in a case of his.

And then we will get to the travel post:

Penn Station, Billy Joel, Trains that leave us in a hole,
Megabus through Jersey and a Syracuse storm

Back in March, friends I'd see 'em, Fishsticks at the Coliseum,
Kristin, Ron and chocolate bars were all in perfect form....

We'd better end this entry;)
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