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Twelve days of Christmas/2: Tenth and eleventh.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Twelve days of Christmas/2: Tenth and eleventh....
Sports and entertainment, yo.

But first, as always, today. It was a day full of technology fails- this laptop suddenly forgetting how to print to the copier in my new office (first, at all- totally, envelopes), and the 2015 tax software I bought for 60  bucks yesterday having been debited triple that amount because, reasons- but don't worry, my bank will remove all three purchase holds in 5-10 business days:P  Two new clients, with difficult stories but possible solutions on my part. And tomorrow promising to NOT be a full eight-plus hour day like Christmas Eve was.

That's looking at today.  Now these, looking back:


Our 2015 entertainment world mostly waxed, with few wanes.  The latter is my only hitting a modest 22 books-read count for 2015- that number's managed on Goodreads, and that official count's two short of the final two I finished, because I haven't posted reviews of the last two yet.  There are reasons from the dropoff from 54 books in 2014: a sorry amount of Sisyphus-like reads that took weeks; the discovery of broadcast series, below, that had me watching rather than reading during cardio; and the beginning of a new workout class that replaced or reduced many of my cardio hours.

The tablet, in conjunction with Netflix, SHO, Hulu Plus and HBO Go, resulted in many binges: House  of Cards circa 2015; the first two series of Peaky Blinders and the first of Bloodline; cleanup watches of Nurse Jackie and Orphan Black and a sad attempt at something called Happyish; and, most recently, Peter Capaldi, not as The Doctor but as Malcolm in The Thick of It, where he's basically Twelve plus thirty fucks an hour.

More binging awaits in 2016, but I expect the book count will get closer to my one-a-week goal.


And then, there will be, or rather was, sport.

The first weekend of 2015 brought a meaningless Bills win over the Patriots, ending that season out of the playoffs but with their first above-.500 record in a decade, but which still resulted in the coach quitting and a new regime taking over.  Promises were made and not kept, and the first weekend of 2016 will bring, at best, a meaningful Bills win over the Jets, ending this season out of the playoffs but with a real .500 record and the new regime restored.

A year ago, the Buffalo Sabres were in the back stretch of their season-long tank to finish last in the NHL (they did) and score the #1 overall draft pick (they didn't). He went to Edmonton and is now injured; our consolation pick has been excellent, as have a number of new and improved team parts. Results so far have been minimally better than a year ago, but the hope for years beyond is only growing.

Yet you KNOW the Mets are what I really care about, and their season ended merely three games short of the ultimate goal.  We won our division, knocked off LA in an opening round and swept the Cubs to get to late October.  Only a few calls and injuries ended the magic, and Kansas City claimed the championship on our field at the end of Game Five.  Off-season moves have so far been a combination of forward and back, but we continue to have the best starting pitching in the sport and our own history, and I remain optimistic that we will put even better things in the 2016 books.


Just one wrapup to go, and I'm avoiding spoilers, sweeties:)
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