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The Final Day of Christmas- Fun Home:) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
The Final Day of Christmas- Fun Home:)
One final seranade to MMXV; a day off that mostly was "off" from work, other than all three attorneys being in our office at one time or another.  I was there to conquer an organizing/scanning project that just couldn't be done with phones ringing (I forwarded calls to my mobile and left it at home) or emails dinging (I didn't even bring the damn laptop in).  It was done by 3:30, with a long midday break to work out, use up my remaining Wellness Card money for 2015, pay bills, grocery shop, and do a final 2015 bank run to M&T and the First National Bank of Dad to help Emily out of a tight spot.

That got me home before 4 to run a week's worth of wash, order some Amazon things, and make my final-day tax payments and donations before Eleanor came home. She's working tomorrow; my plans for 2016.1.1 involve little other than vegetating.

And they will be almost entirely here, which is what this final entry is about: home life. In short: much better inside, dicey outside.


The Big Kitchen Reno of 2015 began with a Mostly Dead cooktop:


That's what Eleanor had to work with as of March of this year.  The right front burner was long gone; the left front, essentially out of commission; and the two rear ones, barely holding on by set screws.  This photo was taken after we'd already picked out the replacements and stripped the horrid fake-metal tile backsplash from behind.   In time, the new stove got connected, the new countertop went in round it, and the new tile went in behind it, all mostly done by summertime (colours are crap in this picture but you can see the improvement):

New CT

As you can see, no Extra Virgin Olive Oils were harmed in the making of this renovation.

Above, all the cabinets were restained. Behind, the new tile went all around the two functional kitchen walls, replacing that crap faux metal and the funky-but-dirty stencilings Eleanor had done by ripping off many of those CFM tiles a decade ago.  In between, the sink, fridge and microwave all got updated.  All that remains to do is some paintwork around the fourth wall which holds (now, securely) the fairy garden on the kitchen's fourth wall.

It's a little more than a third paid for, and is on track to be paid in full by this time next year.  It's a major accomplishment and blessing, even to me who doesn't spend nearly as much time or appreciate as much of the beauty as Eleanor and Emily do.


Outside, we've gone from having kind and nice neighbors to a dude in need of some serious talking-to.

When he arrived in June or so, I was less than impressed.  By fall, he was making Bad Choices that were outright annoying me and scaring the shit out of Eleanor. We've expressed displeasure, but more importantly, the Town has joined in it, and the first half of January should bring an end to what has been a sad and sick chapter in the 21-plus years we've lived here.

I don't want to end this review on a bad note, so I'll just summarize that we're in much better shape in so many ways than we were this time last year.  From health to finances to family, there's way more good than bad, and no idiot of any IQ (or lack thereof) is going to take that away from us.

May 2016 bring nothing but the most, the best, the happiest, to each and every one of you reading this:)
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greenquotebook From: greenquotebook Date: January 5th, 2016 06:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
I like the tile. I really ought to do something with the wall behind our stove, but we're reluctant to make cosmetic changes to our home since we'd rather up the 401(k) investment. We have a similar cooktop on our stove. Beware getting too used to using it as an extended counter. Whenever it's hot from having used it, I feel somewhat cheated out of 30 inches of space. It's a bummer.
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