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Moar Death Notices. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Moar Death Notices.
Nobody we knew in person. One, not alive to begin with. Still. If God had Behave Better on His resolution list, He's failing miserably.


First: Sayonara,  Tobor:(

I don't think I even have a picture of him.  It was one of the rare computers I ever bought not as the result of sudden cyberdeath or near-certain imminent disaster. He came home in April of 2014, my first post-Vista machine, where I bypassed Windows 7 and jumped straight to 8. That's why he got named Tobor- after the alter ego of the tacky 60s 8th Man cartoon I grew up on.  I spent most of my early time with that computer trying my darndest to de-Eightify it- turning off swipes and charms, getting it back to as XP-ish as I could manage.  And for well over a year, it served me and my clients well. Until last month, only a cat hair issue ever gave me problems, and that would up being a quick fix.

Then came Windows 10, which seemed to take to Tobor just fine- until the power started going wonky.  On Boxing Day, appropriately enough, he went into a box and back to a repair factory.  At last, the diagnosis came this afternoon:

We're sorry to let you know that the product you sent to us for repair cannot be fixed. Your protection plan, however, performed flawlessly as you are due a reimbursement in full for the original purchase price of your product. Based on your service contract with Officemax, we are sending you a gift card. It will be delivered to you at the address below within 10-15 business days....

All of which is fine and lovely, except that part right before the ellipsis.  Had they repaired the thing, they'd have been obliged to return it within five business days, by second-day air, in a large box.  That's how Eleanor's laptop was handled when she made claim on the same protection plan and, surprise, they were able to fix it.  Why it takes three times as long to "deliver" something that could be mailed in a second-day envelope, or even digitized and emailed today, I have no idea.  I plan to call during the day tomorrow to see if they can splain-a it.  If they push it the full three weeks, that'll be a whole 30 days I will have been without my primary work machine-  plus, Officemax is closing a bunch of stores (including the one we bought ours at) with massive clearance deals that will be picked through if not entirely over by the end of that time.

Eleanor's current laptop, the one they repaired over the summer, is actually the second she's had since a little earlier in 2014.  The first had an accident in the first couple of weeks, and they switched it out on the spot.  She'd named it Hortense originally, thus the replacement was, and still is, Hortoons.

Thus, when the n00b finally gets here- hopefullyTHIS week- I'll be singing a new song, only without the creepy wink at the end:

Call Two-borrrrr, the Tenth Man!


Our other shiva of the day is from late last week- again,of the celebrity variety.

Meadowlark Lemon, I already mentioned here.  Wayne Rogers, most famous for his early years on the televised M*A*S*H where he was always a far better sidekick to, and fellow Burns-abuser with, Hawkeye than B.J. Smarmicutt ever was.  But the hardest news to hear was of the loss of the brightest voice:

That's Natalie Cole in concert with her virtual dad (click here to jump to the Unforgettable performance) in early 1992. A few weeks before that west coast swing, Eleanor and I (along with an Emily who was about six weeks away from launch) saw that show, in a similarly gorgeous old hall-the Landmark in Syracuse. Natalie was only 20 or so when Nat died in 1965, and that loss of him, at the age of 46, must've contributed over the years to her issues with emotions and substances. She made it to almost 66, leaving a legacy and generations of fans who still flocked to her (she appeared in the Falls just three months ago).

Unforgettable, two.
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