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Down by the ollllld courrrt houuuse.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Down by the ollllld courrrt houuuse....
I was hoping the second time would be the charm.

State courts are open again after their holiday furlough, and today was my first time back again into the breach. It's been a nuisance, living without a reliable computer; I'm entirely reliant on my phone for calendar information. So I somehow got in my head that today's hearing in One Of Those Cases, the fourth since getting into it last year, was at 9:30, since all the previous three were.

When my phone didn't pop up a reminder, I got a bit concerned. On the inbound expressway. So I pulled off at the first exit, about halfway to downtown, and checked. Sure enough: this one was at 11. So I looped back and worked an hour or so before the real appearance at 11....

Which was about as time-consuming and generally useless as the previous three had been. Plus, this particular civil case is assigned to a judge that mainly does something called the Intergrated Domestic Violence Part, so the whole courtroom is something of an armed camp, with half the room wearing badges on lanyards and the other half staring each other down.

At least it went relatively quickly once we finally got called- and the next date's not until late February.



Don't know why I expected the day to go swimmingly, considering how it started in the dead of night.

I've been bingewatching The Thick of It, Peter Capaldi's previous extended BBC series (with the spot of Torchwood above in between). He's recognisable for the acerbic personality he often displays as Twelve, only with a much fouler mouth.  The show even had a curse consultant on staff to create some of the more creative uses of the F-, C- and chiefly-British-T-words.

These views have come on my tablet, at the gym;  a full episode with commercials usually is just about right for a good hour-or-so of elliptical time.  Once home, I typically plug it back in sometime before bed so it'll be fully charged for the next go.  Round last midnight, something random (a power surge, or of course possibly a roaming cat) roused the tablet during its charge, and I was rudely awakened by Peter and Chris Addision sharing a mouthload of F-bombs and other creative talk in a SAC Ministry loo.

New rule: shut off the app at the gym each time now.

This was followed by an hour or so of random insomnia, a really intense nightmare that Tazzer woke me from at about 5, and then having JUST enough time to clean up and get out in time for court at 9:30....

or whatever it was:P
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