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Getting ready to fuckin' roll.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Getting ready to fuckin' roll....
Eleanor (mostly) painted the (mostly) final part of the kitchen today.

The bottom fell out of the thermometer round mid-afternoon, as the snow we've avoided to this point finally began arriving. I took Ebony on a brief late afternoon walk; at least it stays light later now, but she still seemed rather interested in mostly heading home from the moment we set out.

Tomorrow brings depositions in One Of Those Cases.  I didn't get to buy a potted plant, but it looks like I will get to Rochester relatively snow-free by tomorrow morning. Whether it will pile up enough to keep me from getting home? Stay tuned.

The icon is on account of a local cinema's upcoming annual tribute to The Big Lebowski next weekend, which features a pre-show open bar (including White Russians), a screening of the film, and then bowling thereafter. I've never done it, but I'm wondering if I would really tie the alley together.

All four road teams won in the NFL playoffs this weekend, as did the Sabres. Something is clearly wrong here.

Good night and good luck.

ETA. Oh, look: The Bills' head coach just hired his brother. Who, apparently, is The Dude:

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