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Missions: Accomplished:) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Missions: Accomplished:)
Say Hi to Twobor:)

Earlier today, $300 gift card in hand, I headed over to the Office Not So Max location nearest our home to see what they had left. The clearance sale is down to its last week or so, and the pickings were starting to get limited:


Still, there was one Toshiba on the shelf that looked pretty similar to what I had, only with a bigger screen, preloaded 10, and the usual better/faster/bigger generational increases:


Unfortunately, it had no power. Plus, I wanted to check out alternatives- so I tried the two Office Hydra heads that are a quarter mile either side of my old office. The alternatives were either much more expensive or cheaper and not functional enough. And they had one of the models I'd identified as a Contendah to fiddle with- and, as advertised, for twice the price.

So, back to Soon-to-be-Office Min to seal the clearance deal.  It was even busier than it had been earlier, with vultures circling round most of the office supplies and even the fixtures. I took that "talker" to the service desk and asked, optimistically, if they still had one.  They did.  Another employee was dispatched to obtain it.

This is what Mergers and Acquisitions do. Long-standing spaces get picked like carcasses, and employees get overworked with threats of no severance if they don't give 110 percent until the very end.  And they did: every one of them I encountered was kind, and professional, in getting me my new Thing, costing me all of about 20 bucks out of pocket (plus another 100 or so for purchase protection on it, since that worked so well this time, plus a couple of shekels for one odd-lot office-supply item I happened to see).

So far, all I've done to set the new one up is let Microsoft say "Hi," connect to my OneDrive (such as it is:P), install my formerly preferred Firefox browser with all my history and managed stuff, and get iTunes running to be sure my music all came down from the Cloud (looks like it did:).  Tomorrow, all the work software and data will come on board, the Chrome browser will likely take over since I've found it overall better on the backup for the past almost-month. Then, I'll try to install all the remaining fiddlybits so things like printer and .pdf drivers will come home to Papa.  Once all that's done, I can get back to work Monday on what will be an officially closed and hopefully quiet day.


Between all that shopping and a 9 a.m. workout, I was pretty beat by the time Twobor came home. Eleanor had also been out for things and needed a nap by mid-afternoon, so we each took one.  I was awakened by what turned out to be another Accomplished Mission:

Neighbor Dude was laying down his new deck for his stupidass hot tub.

As readers of this page and Eleanor's know, these neighboring tenants have been making us crazy since late October with an outdoor playpen originally set mere feet from our (now largely abandoned) master bedroom window. Communications to him, his landlords and his lawyers got absolutely nowhere through early December, so Eleanor sicced the town on him, and he was given until Friday to comply with silly little code provisions about Not Electrocuting Yourself And Burning Down Your And Your Adjacent Homes.

We wondered when, or even if, anything would happen.  Wednesday, Eleanor and I visited with the code enforcement officer who seemed surprised that nothing had been done- other than some vague and preliminary talks about moving the deck and its potentially hazardous contents.  Yet this afternoon- weeks after the original citation with 30 days to comply and the temperature now back down into the 20F range- Dude was out there, laying down wooden pallets to support the supposed new deck next to their one and only existing external electrical outlet.

Could he have waited a day longer? We doubt it; due to the same "hopefully quiet day" holiday on Monday, the inspector wouldn't have gotten out there to write him up for noncompliance until Tuesday.  So he's pushed the envelope as far as it can be pushed.

But in spite of that, and in spite of his obvious contrary nature, he's in the process of doing the right thing.

Once, at least:P
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