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Holiday Blues - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Holiday Blues
No, not that kind.

In its going-on-30 years on the calendar, MLK Day has finally achieved an ideal level of respect: recognised but not exploited.  We get a weekday paper on national holidays as part of our Sunday subscription, and this is probably the only one that isn't loaded down with a ton of holiday circulars.  Perhaps because of Alan Rickman's death last week, I speculated about Madison Avenue's possible ad campaigns for the holiday as he famously did:

I have a dream- of fabulous savings!

Free at last, free at last- with purchase of an item of equal or greater value!

Okay, you can stop flinging the tomatoes now.

Not that the occasion isn't without plenty of real tone-deafness.  Donald Trump chose to speak today at the university founded by Jerry Falwell- who supported segregation, deplored King and his movement, and even preached the day after Selma that the marchers were "left wing leaders" trying to stir up racial tension. But they're showing a short film commemorating King's life, so that makes it okay, I suppose.


I spent the day mostly home, shuttling to the office a couple of times in between the endless process of installing and reconfiguring Things on this laptop.  It's easy enough to install software- much harder to restore things like playlists, macros and other personal touches.  My music, almost entirely restored, is a higgeldy-piggledy mess of sub and sub-sub-subfolders from at least four different sources. This is an actual file location:

C:\Users\capta\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\iTunes\iTunes Media

before you get to a single artist, album or song.  And I can't sync any of it to the phone until it's all cleaned up because otherwise iTunes will erase everything I have there.


I left early, planning a stop at the cable company. We, and especially Eleanor, can frequently get massively slowed down when streaming shows; Doctor Emily was called, and she quickly pointed out that we only have Standard Internet service and speed.  So my thought is to upgrade that service while dropping a bunch of channels we rarely if ever watch.

Alas, Time Warner was closed for MLK Day.  So I instead passed the time doing something I normally only do on threat of waterboarding: I shopped for clothes.

I wear clothes into the ground; there are undershirts in active use that are likely older than any animal in this house.  I have two everyday pairs of jeans for evenings, weekends and the occasional no-court day like today.  One of them is a little dressier, but the blue jean pair is starting to not have places in places I need places.  And so, Tarjay- where a cleaner, better fitting pair, with belt to almost match, is now on me.

And I didn't even need a spectacular holiday sale to pull it off.
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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: January 22nd, 2016 06:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
my mom buys all my dads clothes for him, always has. and both of my brothers consider clothes shopping to be a level of hell. kudos to you for going on your own.

and good luck getting your music folders straightened out.
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