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In which the belated demise of Abe Vigoda may have been foretold.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
In which the belated demise of Abe Vigoda may have been foretold....
As I've mentioned here before, I don't do much work with the recently deceased.  It's largely the province of old-boy practitioners with drawers full of wills that fund their retirements.  The courts are specialized, have their own picayune rules, and when I do appear on even routine matters, I feel out of my element.

So naturally I now have a couple of wills and some estate issues to usher in the New Year.

One of the estate matters is fairly straightforward, will cost the client all of one dollar to file, and can be submitted electronically and possibly without anyone ever having to show up in court.  I've sent the preliminary paperwork to my sister (who has the friend who has the daughter who has the need) and should get it under way pretty soon.

The other should be simpler, but of course it's not.  A friend and lawyer in New Jersey (motto: "I got your estate right heah!") had a well-meaning colleague take on an estate of someone who resided and died there, only to find out that there's also some real estate in New York.  That means arranging for something called "ancillary administration," which is not the name of a band but of a simple concept: that a deceased resident of State X, who had property in State Y, should be able to bring a simple proceeding to clear title to the Y stuff without having to start an entirely new estate.

In this case, we're Y. As in, "Y do they make it so complicated?"  I knew the concept better than the actual procedure, so I googled it, and sent her the Official New York Ancillary Administration Checklist. It's four pages long, has eight numbered and sub-numbered sections to flow-chart your way through, and makes clear at the end (this being New York) that you're almost certainly going to pay between $215 and $1,250 (depending on the real estate gross value) just to clear title to this one piece of property.  It's in a county which does not yet have electronic filing of documents, so either an appearance or a messenger of some sort will be needed to file the thing, and possibly another one will be needed once the chart has completely flowed.

No wonder Abe Vigoda lasted so long. He just wanted to save Bernice all the bother.
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