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Animals, Animals! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Animals, Animals!
Just a few images from the past few days.


Ebony had her annual heartworm blood test. It was also a followup visit of sorts from when she came up lame a few months ago.  All in all, she checked out well for an old broad; they also switched her heartworm med from a monthly pill (Sentinel when it's sunny, Interceptor when it's icy), which Daddy more than occasionally forgot, to a semiannual shot for the main parasite with a few additional pills every alternate three months or so.  All was well except her overall attitude; the last few times she's been to the vet, she's had a few behavioral issues.  For one, she now considers the waiting room part of the yard and makes #1 and #2 deposits accordingly; for another, she positively panics when she's in the examining room without being examined, pawing at the door and yowling to be let out:

They're now just used to me hauling her out to the hall until the Doctor comes in, at which point she's perfectly fine. Those rooms must just be smaller than they look on the inside.



I didn't have court or early appointments, so I more-or-less slept in until 8ish, but when I did rise, there was a note, Fill the bird feeder.

Apparently there had been complaints:

Between Rocky and Friends (above) during the day and the deer that empty the feeder at night and fill the walkway below with pellets, the birdfeeder occasionally manages the actual feeding of birds.


Then, today:

We're down to the one dog, and are not actively seeking a second.  I'd describe my attitude, at least, as, I'll probably say no, but I'll never say never.

This morning presented such.  A Rochester friend linked to a photo from a friend who I thought was also from there:

I was smitten. I planned to contact Jane to contact Anna to see if I could see the adoptee.  I even threw extra clothes in the car this morning (I had Rochester appointments all day) so I could stay over if necessary.  Alas, Layla passed from parvo a week ago, and Anna wasn't the Anna I thought she was but lives in either North Carolina or California.

So it's back to "no," but it will never be "never."
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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: February 1st, 2016 02:53 am (UTC) (Link)
i'm very lucky in that both my dogs think the vets office is a fabulous place. but then they're both suckers for being adored and petted, hehehe. and they're pretty free with the treats there too.

*giggles* at the picture of the kitty and the squirrel.
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