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The Apple of My Ire.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
The Apple of My Ire....

I'm nearing the end of my first month with a new laptop, and today, finally, I fixed the last piece of the Intergalactic Captainsblog Technology Network™: getting my online music collection (a) more or less in one place and (b) synced to my phone.

For all the Appl(e)ove that's out there, you have to admit that they really make every piece of their empire into an impenetrable fortress.  Although there's an iCloud, I have never learned how to navigate into it, out of it, or most importantly among devices connected to it.  Plus, as I've mentioned here previously, my attempts at clouding my music library into a competing cloud was completely useless.  I did get just about all of my music back, using the reverse-engineering process I'll mention in a moment, but as soon as I started making the songs sync-able, I ran into my first problem:

As soon as I installed iTunes on Twobor, the new laptop, I got a message: Apple only allows five computers to be "authorized" to play content you've purchased from Apple.  Now, that's a relatively small portion of what I/we listen to, but there were enough gaps for me to want to deauthorize my now-dead-and-gone laptop Tobor (as well as several previous and now-dead laptops, including the brief predecessor to Eleanor's current one) and authorize the new one.

That, unfortunately, is easier said than done.  It is easy to authorize or deauthorize "this computer" as long as you've got it in front of you, but remote deactivation requires you to access your iAccount through the iStore- and, then, you must deauthorize all of your devices and reauthorize them one by one with each in front of you- and then-then, you can only do this once every twelve months. That restriction, they tell us, is to "avoid abuse."

Avoid it? It seems to be actively encouraging the abuse of the end-user:P


Anyway.  My music was in a host of Places, primarily on my current and previous iPhones.  "Sync" in Appleland is designed as a one-way street running from computer to phone- again, likely, to cut down on those pesky unauthorized transfers of pretty-sounding 1's and 0's between devices.  But there are tricks.  The one I became familiar with is called, no lie, iFunbox.   It drills down into the Enigma code of Apple-y innards, finds the files with strange names that contain the songs, and let you copy them onto a PC from where you can import them back into iTunes.  On your computer's file system, they will continue to have those strange names- here's what part of a single music subfolder has for a sampling of the restored-by-Funbox tracks-

-yet in iTunes itself, their display, album covers and all, is as stunningly beautiful as it ever was.

I did most of the importing a couple of weeks ago, yet did not sync anything to the new phone until today.  And that's due to two other annoyances of the Appleverse.  One: any attempt to sync an iPhone with a new host PC erases the entire music library on the phone.  I avoided this by turning off music sync until today.  Since I'd gotten most if not all of the tracks back onto the PC, it should've been a simple enough sync....

No, everything in iTunes needs to be made part of a "playlist" in order to do anything with it besides press play. And Ye Olde Funboxxe no se habla playlist. So I spent the better part of an afternoon manually recreating every playlist that I could see in my phone, just so I could have it sync back as soon as iTunes erased every trace of those playlists.

In the end, though, it worked out. Except for two little things.


Thing One: Apple chose this very moment to ram the latest iOS update down my phone's throat.  That took at least half an hour and killed off my wifi access for a time.  It also, I thought, resulted in Thing Two: my personal ringtone was gone.

I've had it for over a year.  Everyone knows it's mine, because who else would pick such a thing? You'll hear it, a few seconds into this clip-

- which is from Comfort and Joy, the wonderful and sadly inaccessible (but we got it) Bill Forsyth film about ice cream van wars in 1980s Scotland. After we bought the DVD from Amazon Australia, I went through the steps to voice-record the jingle, save it as an .m4r file, and pop it into the "tones" section of iTunes. It was my tone on my old phone until late last year, and at the time it restored just fine from the zero-day backup I'd made of it when I got the current one....

until today, when I discovered that the "sync erases phone content" thing also erases custom ringtones.

Fortunately, it was still on the old phone- now the home of our longtime landline number, that basically sits in the corner as a just-in-case backup and to take calls from doctors, dentists and scammers. And once I got it recharged, it was back to the Funbox, the tone exported, and now back where I want it.

But shit. Now I want ice cream. And fritters. Hmmmmm.....
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yesididit2 From: yesididit2 Date: February 7th, 2016 11:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
i think you deserve all the ice cream and fritters you want after all that!
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