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The Dirty Jobs - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
The Dirty Jobs
I am a man who looks after the pigs
Usually I get along okay.
I am man who reveals all he digs,
Should be more careful what I say.

For more than 30 years now, I've been doing this bankruptcy thing for a living, and yet it finally occurred to me in a verbal way only yesterday:

You're the guy nobody wants to come back to.

I'm the undertaker. The proctologist. The oral surgeon numbing you before your root canal. It's important; it's pain relieving; and yet, who wants to go through it twice?

I had two bankruptcy hearings, yesterday morning and this morning.  Yesterday's was under Buffalo Rules- Be kind. Don't assume the debtor is a lying sack of shit. Their hearing was over 30 seconds before it was officially scheduled to begin, and the clients were thrilled it had gone so quickly and easily.  As we left the court building, I made the usual noise to them about please remember me if you need anything else, but I knew, before the syllables left my larynx, that they wouldn't want to.  They might need wills; they might someday buy a house (and yesterday's hearing helped them get there in the long run).  But they won't want to resurrect bad memories of that day's hearing by calling me.

(There are exceptions.  One onetime BK client contacted me yesterday about doing some corporate work. But it's outside my wheelhouse and I had to refer it.)


I am a man who drives a local bus
I take miners to work, but the pits all closed today.
It's easy to see that you are one of us.
Ain't it funny how we all seem to look the same?

Then, today: Rochester Rules are different- Scare them. Get mad at their lawyers for showing up only five minutes early, not the 15 minutes early that would make it easier to move your calendar.  Cherrypick the low-hanging fruit.


My karma tells me
You've been screwed again.
If you let them do it to you
You've got yourself to blame.
It's you who feels the pain
It's you that feels ashamed.

I am a young man
I ain't done very much,
You men should remember how you used to fight.
Just like a child, I've been seeing only dreams,
I'm all mixed up but I know what's right.

I'm not that young anymore, and I've done quite a bit.  And I do know what's right. In the right mood, I may complain to today's trustee's boss, about the way U.S. citizens are treated just because they exercise their statutory right to be relieved of their debts.  And on the whole, I'd rather be under Buffalo Rules most of the time- as I am.

This client did okay, as well, but left with a much sourer taste in the mouth. I doubt I'll be getting any more business from this source, either.

Current Mood: cynical cynical
Current Music: The Who's Quadrophenia, The Dirty Jobs

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glenmarshall From: glenmarshall Date: February 6th, 2016 05:50 am (UTC) (Link)
There are a few people whose services I used but who I never want to see again:

-- The astrosopher (yes,, that's a thing) whose advice almost ended my marriage

-- Sleepy's Mattresses

-- My first wife's divorce lawyer

-- The DC Beltway Bandit who I had to send a collection agency after to get paid, as his 1099 sub-contractor.

-- The undertakers for my parents and in-laws.

weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: February 6th, 2016 11:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
aw, i never thought of it like that.

i hope i never have to see/deal with the fire restoration company again. (the townhome i lived in about 15 years ago was struck by lightening. only got water and smoke damage, but still had to move out for 3 months)
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