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Our survey says,.... DING! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Our survey says,.... DING!
They're everywhere except where you want them to be.

Deposit a check at a bank, or buy a case of cat fud at Tarjay, and there's the survey link right on the receipt.  Also, anytime you interact with online customer service. Yet in the one case where I would want to provide some feedback, there's silence- and I'm rather offput by it.

I began a meaningful effort to get fitter not quite five years ago. Until last summer, it was with one trainer.  I stuck with her through thick, and thin, and slightly less thin- through hissies that moved our sessions from gym to gym to, finally, one and then another she and her husband built and rented.  But about a year ago, I started to hit the proverbial wall.

There were fewer class options- and what there was, often, was rescheduled for her convenience rather than with input from me or anyone else.  Many of the original gym rats stopped coming as the classes moved in both time and place. (Local insurers offer wellness benefits for programs such as this, but once she struck out on her own, she never even tried to sign up to participate in them. Some left on that account; I simply paid out of pocket to keep going.) The other clients who remained were, largely, work colleagues from her dayjob, and the between-set chatter was increasingly shop talk about that part of her life.

I was getting little personal attention, and there was little in the program itself to self-motivate.  By this past summer, I'd lost patience with it, and moved my biweekly sessions to a new-concept program (where several others had gone). The cost is about the same- if anything, slightly higher- but the trainers are enthusiastic and focused, the program has built-in and measurable goals, and I come out each time sweating like a pig.

Oh- and Previous Trainer goes to these sessions herself at least a few times a week, usually right before one of the classes she still apparently runs a few miles away.  We were in the same class last Sunday morning; she wasn't unpleasant when I said hi, but it was clear that she wasn't interested in anything about me or my progress, either.

Soon after the hour was up (and she'd shot out to get to her other thing), I realized I hadn't seen any recent posts from or about her or her husband for a few weeks.  A quick check revealed they'd both defriended me on the Bookface.

Wow. A year short of my 40th high school reunion and people near my age are going full High School on me.

Then, yesterday, one of my favorites from her classes messaged me- wanting to know where I was going now. This friend was also having issues with how things had gone over there.  I had nothing bad to say about the experience- I learned a lot of invaluable stuff about how to do various exercises and get my stamina to the point where I can keep up with a room full of mostly 20-and-30-somethings- but I felt validated in wondering how petty it was to unfriend someone just because your specific program isn't what they need.

If I did get a survey about my four-plus years about the trainer's various incarnations and locations, I'd give it a "good." It got me out of a doldrummy place, taught me a lot about technique, and, to a point, inspired me to keep going.  I'd encourage her to pay more attention to what everyone was doing or not doing, rather than working out herself or just chatting with the other clients about their dayjobs.  And if I had a sense that she had any interest in my feedback, I'd give it- or even go back.  But in this case, I am too proud to beg.  And if yet another of her former clients winds up doing what I'm doing now (or finds something completely different), and that leads to even harder feelings? Sorry.  I got no referral fees or swag bags when another friend from another circle of my life joined up last month, and I won't even ask for any now.

That's all I got. Isn't there a code I'm supposed to enter for a coupon or someshit?
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yesididit2 From: yesididit2 Date: February 8th, 2016 03:16 am (UTC) (Link)
do what you gotta do to take care of yourself. it makes sense to go with a place with more classes to choose from and trainers that spend more time with you. your health and your goals are more important than loyalty to this gal who doesnt seem to have any loyalty back to you.
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