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"WW" - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...

That abbreviation was famously used by Yankee broadcaster Phil Rizzuto on his scorecards of games, to mark the plays where he "wasn't watching."  I never much cared for him, his team or his HolyCowieness, but I'll borrow the trope for this report on what we have and haven't been paying attention to recently.

Not quite a week ago, our Amazon Exclusive DVD set of Agent Carter Series One arrived.  We're a bit more than halfway through it, and are mostly enjoying it- although it suffers from a few too many subplots and red herrings going on.  Some of that, no doubt, is to make up for the limitations of the prequel genre: we KNOW Peggy isn't going to die, and we KNOW Steve ain't coming back for quite a long time.  There's also the occasional goof of either anachronism or just place (an apartment building at Lex and 63rd is NOT going to show a panoramic view of Central Park between it and the Empire State Building).  Of course, my mother would have just explained that away as "camera tricks."

Long before the end of the first disc, we realized that Cap's backstory from the earlier films would be useful, so we watched the first of those last night and tonight.  It wasn't quite as fun or as well-worded as the Avengers films to follow, although the then-teaser for the first of those, in the obligatory After All The Credits scene, has some cute intercuts of the then-unseen members of the team interspersed with the tag line:

Next up: Winter Soldier.  Maybe in this one, the bad guys will finally stop homaging Star Wars and train a bunch of identical helmeted stormtroopers to be able to hit the broad side of a barn and not die just by being looked at.


Then there's what I Wasn't Watching for.

A couple of weekends ago, our joint-account bank for most day-to-day stuff sent out the new chipped card.  This should've gotten here before October 1 when rules changed, but banks and retailers have been falling over themselves not to comply with the new regulations.  For our convenience ::cough::, the card number and PIN were the same as they had been- but the expiry date and the extra code on the back were not. So once again, I had to go through the mental process of remembering all the places that auto-debit that account before the next charge came through.

Most were easy: Netflix? Check.  The newspaper subscription? Gotcha.  Gym memberships, EZ-Pass, even those pesky one-clicky options on Amazon and Apple- all done....

except here:(

This paid account used to renew in December, but after the DDOS attacks of a few years back, they wound up passing out enough free time for paid members to push mine into this week.  And there it died- no advance warning of the upcoming expiry, just a terse "you have expired" notification. And LJ doesn't just hold your place in line for you to just provide the new number; after providing it, you have to manually turn autopay back on for everything you had it for.

I haven't gotten round to it yet, and I may hold off-  because our beloved bank, already four institutions removed from the good ol' Hard Working Dollar of Rochester's First Federal Savings*- is about to be merged into yet another behemoth institution, which will result in all new cards and all new expiry dates and all new doing this all over again.


* Odd thing about that link. First Federal merged into the morass of what is now HSBC sometime in the 90s; its name strangely lives on in only one place- as the continued name of the 21-story office tower the bank built for itself in the 70s (and in which I worked for ten years). The "HWD" cariacature hasn't been used in decades and was, I thought, lost to history. Except it isn't: that link is to a trademark site, which shows that a computer repair shop in a Rochester suburb registered it in 2012, claiming it as a mark for IT diagnostics, development and consulting. And it got a Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. out of it- for using a long-deceased bank's name and an anthropomorphized 1947 coin to stand for those services.

I can hardly wait for the trolls to come after me for mentioning it here.

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warriorsavant From: warriorsavant Date: February 10th, 2016 05:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
I only use automatic debit when dragged kicking and screaming.

I don't want ppl having access to my bank account or credit card. I do want a bill in hand that I have to pay to make me think about. Partly it's a control issue (control freak? who? me?) and partly I want to have to think about if I want to/should be paying for a certain product or service and how much.
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