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Waves - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
No matter how well or how hard you plan, you're going to wind up with lulls and anti-lulls in most businesses- certainly in mine.

There were times last week when I was so busy being Not Busy, I had time to finalize the sync of all my music between my phone and the new laptop.  You'll see some weekday posts here with morning and afternoon times- yup, did them at my desk.  I could have made- and at times did make- contacts on my Bottom of the Heap files, and marketing calls, and such- but when I get into a lull, not making those connections just gets me more down if I don't connect.

Always, though, it's come back- and this week, it has with a vengeance.

My practice is mainly two things: collecting (mostly) commercial accounts for business clients, and helping a mix of business and consumer clients who can't pay such bills, through bankruptcies or other defense work.  I don't advertise, beyond trade publications which list attorneys in these specialties, so it's all current or past clients, other lawyers or accountants, or general word-of-mouth.

The collections side is steady, but it, too, has peaks and valleys. A few sources have quieted down for various reasons in recent months, but a potential new source had been contacting me for months about doing some work for them, and it finally got serious over the past couple of weeks. I've even gotten an initial referral from them to get used to How Things Go- and I'm handling it with as much promptness and professionalism as I always aspire to.

Almost simultaneously with that, another referral source, which has been hot to warm in terms of volume, has gotten totally infrared in the past couple of weeks. Three of my bigger cases from them are all popping at once- one settled today, a second took a major step forward over the past few days, and a third took on some significant signs of being Not Dead yesterday.

So there's all that on the one side- and at the same moments, the bankruptcy/defense side is getting as busy as it ever gets.  I have three clients scheduled to come in early next week who are close to being final and filed- ranging from two who I just met this week to a third who's been on the fence about filing for months.  This, after having just filed three more around the first of this month that will have their hearings coming up in early March.  Also, I'm assisting a co-worker who's trying to transition out of doing these kinds of cases, and at least four of them are in the Getting Close phase.  Also also, I've got at least four other clients with properties involved in current pending foreclosures- some just filed, two others going back to 2010 or even earlier that need to be examined with microscopes and glass cleaner just to figure out where they stand.

Throw in the occasional will or estate piece (just got something from the client Donna referred) and some other longtime clients both here and in Rochester (two of the same, very unusual type of lien coming in from there almost simultaneously), and it's unlikely I'll be doing computer syncing or daytime blog posts again anytime soon.
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