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Sparkly Things.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Sparkly Things....
Snow on the ground.... we finally got some.  Not as much or for as long as predicted, but enough to get me worried in the wee smalls.  I was up almost constantly from 2-something last night until feeding time this morning- just before which, a friend's post of this Chast-ity was particularly appropriate:

The morning eventually dawned sunny and mostly snowless, and I went on errands which ended with me picking up a settlement payment I'd worked out the day before.  But before I got it to the bank, the snow started flying sideways- and sticking.  I made it to the bank and back, stayed safely behind my desk for the last five-ish work hours of the day- and ended the day with a random act of kindness. One of my co-workers had brought bagels for us this morning and had stayed in all day; by the time I left before she did, her car was a half-foot-high with snow.  The exit road from our parking lot was backed up, and my own windshield needed some extra defrosting, so I took those couple of minutes and cleared the snowpile off the top and windows/shields of her car.  She may not even know anyone did it, much less that I did, but it made me happy to spend those minutes doing it rather than just listening to blabby-blabby radio in my car while the car finished defrosting.

The worst of the snow has supposedly fallen by now, with just cold temps for the next day or two before it goes back to Unseasonably Warm on Monday. I have few commitments over those days, and before then hopefully will wager on what is a Good Night's Sleep, Alex?
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