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The Winter That Came To Dinner.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
The Winter That Came To Dinner....

Late, and without a reservation.

The OMGSNOWMAGEDDON predictions for today began coming in full force yesterday afternoon. Beginning 7 last night, we were to be well and truly screwed.  And me, with an impossible-to-adjourn hearing downtown at 9:30 this morning.  Had the predictions come true, they'd have likely closed the court. Instead, there was barely an inch of fresh coat on the ground at 5 a.m.- along with some plenty pissed-off customers in front of the missing birdfeeder:

The client texted a bit past 7, and I was on the road before 8 for what is usually a 20 minute drive (everything here is usually a 20 minute drive). I made it in slow going in under an hour, and was at my office in maybe half that after we got out.  By early afternoon, main roads were back up to speed or close.  It probably was a foot in all, but unlike many of these blasts which dump and stop and dump and stop, this was just a good eleven hours of nonstop steady piddle from heaven- leading to more than a few slippery spots, blocked parking lots, and, of course, some sheer idiocy:

Overhead view of the car that ended up in the Metro Rail tunnel during Tuesday’s heavy snow.

A vehicle was driven down the ramp leading to the Metro Rail tunnel under Main Street near the intersection of Tupper Street late Tuesday morning and stopped just short of entering the tunnel, authorities said.

Train traffic was temporarily delayed on the northbound tracks where the vehicle had come to a stop at about 11:30 a.m. An inspection of the tracks determined there was no damage and service later resumed, police said.


At least I wasn't out of town today. The heavier snow was to the east, and Rochester got virtually shut down by what hit it- but only after the morning commute, so many got stuck in their workplaces because the sterner warnings didn't get announced until the roads were already backed up and the plows were behind the pack, unable to get through.  Yet there, as here, there's only one true barometer:

Eleanor had today off from French Toast Central, but did go out in it for a dental appointment late in the day, in her travels doing a 180 on a nearby secondary road and then getting stuck pulling into our not-recently-plowed driveway.  Tomorrow, she's back to work and I'm off to Rochester.  I think.

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